Grizzlies cream Westwood, hope for ‘mercy’ Saturday

 By Abby Campbell
Roar Reporter

The Grizzlies went 1-1 in the last two weeks of football play.

The Grizzlies suffered another loss on Sep. 13 at Redding Christian. The final score was 49-6, making Loyalton’s record 0-3.

Although Grizzlies took a big loss, their coach Brad Campbell was very optimistic by saying, “I knew Redding Christian would be a hard team to beat, because they had a hard team last year and most of their players returned. But I do think we will beat Westwood next week.”

Coach Brad Campbell’s prediction about beating Westwood came true last Friday in Westwood. The final score was 44-0, making the Loyalton football team’s record 1-3.

This game started out quite a success for Loyalton Grizzlies, because only on the second play of the game, Shawn McGee ran the football all the way down the field for a touchdown. Later in the game, Shawn McGee kept his stride going by finding the end zone once more. Parker Wilson also caught two touchdown passes. Then quarterback Luke Campbell and fullback Andrew Kielak kept the streak going by scoring a touchdown each on their own.

Coach Brad Campbell said, “Westwood was a very easy team, but we did improve a little. What I hope to do better next game is to run multiple formations on offense.”

The Loyalton Grizzlies will play a home game against Mercy tomorrow.

Coach Campbell said he feels very positive, saying, “Yes, I do think we will beat Mercy.”

Soccer continues domination

By Gus Driscoll
Sports Reporter

Loyalton’s AYSO soccer team, now 8-0, won again at Golden Valley Regional Park against Sparks 2 on Sept. 28, while its Oct. 3 game ended halfway through  due to poor sportsmanship.

On Sept. 28 Loyalton won with a score of 6-2 and on Oct. 3 the game ended halfway with a score of 2-1, Loyalton.

On Sept. 28 the goals were scored by Victor Carrillo, Ryan Stilson and Jesus Guerrero, and on Oct. 3 the goals were scored by Victor Carrillo.

The forfeit gave Loyalton two more wins, but it is unclear whether or not the game on Oct. 3 counted as a win.

Vincent Gallegos commented, “The game itself was good but the sportsmanship and refereeing were very poor. Both refs and players acted very unprofessionally and caused the game to stop prematurely, which was a bummer.”

When asked about Oct. 3 game Coach Miguel Hernandez commented, “My thoughts on the game are that the ref was not fair and the game was a waste of time.”

Loyalton will play again on Saturday against Sparks 1 at Golden Valley Regional Park.

Volleyball hopeful for a win

By David Guidotti
Sports Editor

The Loyalton Grizzlies are currently 0-5 with varsity volleyball and 0-4 with junior varsity.

The JV and varsity volleyball teams both lost to Paradise Adventist Sept. 25.

JV coach Judy Guidotti thought her girls did great but were nervous. Varsity coach Nancy McCollum said they were nervous but learned a lot from the games.

The girls also lost in Portola Sept. 26.

Guidotti said they did great and that both the officials and opponent coach commented about the greatness of the JV team. McCollum said the girls did well but found some things to work on.

The Lady Grizz also lost to Portola at home Oct. 1.

McCollum said they played awesome. Guidotti thought the girls played well but not as well as the day before. However, McCollum said she thought that night was the first time in a long time that the Grizzly crowd was really involved.

The Grizz lost at Greenville on Oct. 8.

Guidotti said the girls did okay, but playing is becoming more natural. McCollum said her girls were excellent and played their best this season, coming close to winning. Loyalton had a great surprise in that Downieville High students came to cheer on the Grizzlies in Greenville.

Additionally, Loyalton volleyball lost in Herlong last night.

Guidotti said the girls pulled together and won a match and also said she was very proud. McCollum said her girls played awesome—winning one of the matches. Both Guidotti and McCollum said that the two teams are working more as a team and feel confident about their upcoming game against Westwood at home on Tuesday.

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