Sports 9/27/10

Grizz football looks to bounce back

The LHS football team is currently 1-2 for the season, with the last three games all at home after an earlier away scrimmage against Westwood.

The Grizzlies started their season in nice fashion, beating the Herlong Vikings, 41-0, Sept. 4 in Loyalton.

The Grizzlies received the opening kickoff and scored in only five plays, with most of the ball handling done by Cheyenne Von Tour. Opening big holes for Von Tour was his cousin Kyle Von Tour.   The Grizzlies’ next kickoff off to the Vikings forced the Vikings to punt.

The offense of the Grizzlies had a great day, with the starters scoring four touchdowns and the second string contributing three more.  Freshman Austin Churchill and sophomore Jose Vasquez each had a touchdown. Also, senior Connor Thompson threw two touchdowns—one to Matt Campbell and the other to junior Jasper Whitley, who made a diving catch in the end zone. Eddie Downs and Cheyenne Von Tour also contributed a touchdown each.

The defense played a very solid game, shutting a team out for the first time in a while. Linebacker Kyle Belli had some several solo tackles.

In their second home game the Grizzlies lost to the Dunsmuir Tigers, 74-48, Sept. 11. While this game was a tough game for the Grizz, it was nonetheless a fun game to watch with over 120 points scored by both teams combined.

Dunsmuir received the opening kickoff and a few plays later scored and converted the extra point to make the score 8-0.  The Grizzlies received the following kickoff and marched down the field and scored but failed to complete the extra point, moving the score to 8-6.

Both teams continued to score every possession for two and a half quarters and at halftime the Tigers had a four-point lead. The lead went back and forth throughout the third quarter until the Grizzlies sustained injuries to some key players. The injuries not only hindered the offense but took two key players off the defensive side of the ball. Dunsmuir surged ahead by a couple of touchdowns to take the win.

The Grizzlies’ most recent game against Butte Valley at home didn’t go in their favor, losing 34-6. Their only score was on a quarterback sneak by Connor Thompson up the middle. According to assistant coach Bob Home, the team struggled because of multiple injuries. Home said that the defense played pretty well and that “the Grizzlies will bounce back from this loss and look forward to victory” tomorrow against Mercy on the Grizzlies’ home turf.

Loyalton volleyball program growing

By Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies varsity volleyball currently stands at 0-2, both games held at home. Interest in volleyball has expanded to two teams–varsity and JV,–after a couple years with just a varsity roster.

The Grizzlies looked forward to a game Tuesday against the Downieville Warriors for the second time; however, the Warriors game was cancelled because the Warriors could not bring a full team

The Grizzlies varsity girls lost to the Downieville Warriors on Sept. 16 in a total of four matches. The Grizz lost the first match, 25-11. The Warriors were in control the whole set, as they had an early 14-6 lead and never looked back from there. In the second set the momentum shifted to the Grizzlies, and they beat the Warriors, 25-17. The third set ended in the Warriors’ favor, as they beat the Grizzlies, 25-13.

In the fourth and final match the Grizz had the lead until the last few minutes, but Downieville closed the gap and beat the Grizz, 25-22.

The Grizzly varsity girls started the season against North Tahoe Lakers Sept. 14 with a loss of three matches.

The Grizzlies lost the first match, 25-15. Angelina Folchi started out the game with four aces in a row. In the second match the Grizz lost, 25-18. The Grizzlies put up a fight, but the Lakers won the third match, 25-13.

Loyalton JV girls also opened up the season with a win against the Lakers. The Grizz played two matches against the Lakers, winning the first match, 25-20, and the second, 22-20,

The Grizzlies volleyball team had looked forward to its season opener Sept. 11 at the Lassen Tournament in Susanville. However, coaches Nancy McCollum and Rick Roberti felt the team was not prepared for the tournament and cancelled.

The team played an away game with Providence in Orland last night, but stats were not available for publication.

Soccer coach optimistic despite losses

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter

The LHS soccer team currently is 1-3 for the season. The Grizzlies lost to Portola there Sept. 9, 8-1. Randy Calvert assisted Victor Carillo with the only goal of the night. At half time the score was 4-1. In the second half the Grizzlies’ defense couldn’t shut Portola’s offense down. Coach Michelle Reugebrink said, “The team played hard and with a lot of heart.” Reugebrink also said she saw a lot of improvement with new players and thinks that the team will do well in other competitions. Ryan Stilson said,that they need to improve on defense.

The Grizzlies lost to Quincy on home turf Sept. 15, 11-1. Carillo scored a goal in the first half with Calvert assisting him. The first half ended 4-1 with Quincy leading. At the end of the second half the score was 11-1. Coach Reugebrink said that Quincy had a lot of substitutes, while the Grizzlies don’t have very many. Preston Reugebrink, said that they need to work harder at practice and pass more.

The Grizzlies beat Plumas Christian at Graeagle on Sept. 17, 8-3. Carillo scored six goals. Calvert scored one goal, and Stilson scored one goal. Preston Reugebrink had six assists, Miguel Hernandez had one assist, and Calvert had one assist. The halfbacks and defense played hard, said coach Reugebrink, and Shawn McGee and Brad Bundy both played goalkeeper.

The Grizz played a close game against Chester Wednesday but lost, 12-10. Carillo had nine goals and Calvert had one. Reugebrink had three asists and Calvert had six. The goalkeepers all played well, according to Coach Reugebrink: “Shawn McGee, Brad Bundy and Martin Lizarde did some outstanding blocks. Every player provided great leasdership out on the field.”

The coach also said that Danica Gressel, Brittany Morrison, Haylee Eberhardt, Jorge Garcia and Liz Lizarde played well, and “Kathleen Wolf was rocking with the precision of her kicks.”

Coach Reugebrink also noted that Sierra Sweeting is getting more confident on the field, and while Ryan Stilson pulled a muscle in his right leg, he showed “excellent sportsmanship.”

The soccer team plays today against Quincy at 5 p.m. in Quincy.

Room for improvement with PE fitness tests

By Connor Thompson
Sports Editor

Every year students in fifth, seventh, and ninth grades are tested to determine their physical fitness level. The test includes six different types of state fitness measures including abdominal strength and endurance, trunk extensor strength and flexibility, upper body strength and endurance, aerobic capacity, and body composition. The results report two important statistics: healthy (fit) and unhealthy (unfit). The state standard for a healthy student requires that the students complete all the tests they are given, and the unhealthy students are based on body fat percentage exceeding 25 percent for males or 35 percent for females.

Last year 33 freshmen from LHS were tested on their fitness level. According to The Sacramento Bee, the California Department of Education reported that only five of the 33 freshmen were totally fit. The number of unhealthy students held a greater percentage than the ones that were totally fit, as the number of unhealthy students were almost 40 percent of the 33 tested.

Some 103 students from Portola High School were also tested. The percentage of fit students almost reached 50 percent as 50 of the students were considered fit, with only 20 kids being unfit. As for Quincy High School, 124 students were tested, but only 33 were considered fit and 21 unfit.

New physical education teacher Cali Griffin said she is helping the students get in better shape for the fitness test by working on core body strength, flexibility, and ply-metric training. Griffin said, “First day of every week I make the students run the mile and the rest of the days we do jump roping,” Griffin said. “We did benchmark tests in the beginning of the year, so students can set goals and improve to achieve their best fitness level.”

  1. soccer is wrong in our first game vs quincy victor assisted randy with the goal. other than that looks great. good job!!!

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