Sports 11/5/10

Grizz prepares for anticipated matchup against Westwood Lumberjacks

By Griselda Lizarde
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies football team finished off the last weeks with a strong win against Elk Creek after falling to Champion Christian. The Grizzlies lost to the Champion Christian Mustangs Oct. 22, 16-12.

The first quarter the Grizzlies played exceptionally well despite the weather conditions. The rain made it more difficult to control the ball, but despite a few fumbles and bad passes, the Grizzlies kept the game under control. 

The second quarter was nothing but excellence: the Grizz defense played great, and the offense contributed as they took a 12-0 lead into the half. Cheyenne VonTour scored both touchdowns.

Coach Virgil Weaver said the boys played outstanding despite the harsh conditions. To start the second half the Grizzlies switched into a three-man front. The third quarter alone stood out to be a very difficult one for the Grizz. The offensive line missed some very key tackles and blocks, which frustrated the running game.

The Grizzlies had two touchdowns called back on them, which proved to be the difference in the game. One was called back on a 60-yard run by Matt Campbell that was overturned for a holding call to begin the play. Connor Thompson’s touchdown off an interception return was called back due to a block below the waist.

The team threw for a total of 70 yards passing and rushed for 250 yards. Coach Weaver said, “Champion didn’t beat us. We beat us, and these boys need the drive to finish if they want to make playoffs.”

The Grizzlies beat the Elk Creek Elks on Oct. 29, 46-10. The Grizz started off the game by giving up a safety of a fumble on the first play. However the momentum of the game immediately shifted as the Grizzlies turned up their defense and fought hard the rest of the quarter.

The second quarter the offense battled against the Elks and the muddy field conditions, which led to a few turnovers on the offensive side. The Grizzlies took a 28-2 lead into half.

Coach Scott Thompson said, “The defense kept the Grizzlies in the game, causing turnovers and blocking hard.”

The third quarter was more of the same as the offense and defense played hard. The offense was on top of the game as the whole team ran for a total of 400 yards rushing. Cody Sims, Eddie Downs, Connor Thompson and Cheyenne VonTour all contributed for a touchdown. Matt Campbell added his own two touchdowns and 125 yards rushing. VonTour rushed for 100 yards.

As the game went into the fourth quarter, the coaching staff switched up the rotation, giving the young players on the team good playing time. Pepe Vasquez and Austin Churchill controlled the running game with 50 yards rushing. Joe McGuire scored a two-point conversion.

Coach Weaver said, “The entire team got to play, and they really earned the playing time.” The next game is Saturday in Loyalton at 2 p.m. against the Westwood Lumberjacks.

Loyalton volleyball comes to an end


By Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies varsity volleyball closed out its season with a record of 0-12. The JV record is 1-4

The Grizzlies lost to the Greenville Indians there Tuesday. The Grizz did not start out very strongly in the first set, losing, 25-7. The Grizz really took it to the Indians the second set, but the Grizz lost the tight match, 27-25. The third set the Grizz lost, 25-15. 

The Grizzlies lost to the Downieville Warriors in a series of four matches Oct. 28. The Grizz lost the first match, 25-20. The second match the Grizz won, 25-21. The third match was another close one, but the Grizz lost, 25-21. The Grizz fought hard the first three matches, but in the fourth match the Warriors dominated the Grizz, 25-7.

Both of the Grizzlies volleyball teams lost to Westwood, away Oct. 26. In the first set the Grizz Varsity did not come out very strongly, losing, 25-8. The second set was a different story: the girls fought back but lost the match, 25-21.  The Grizz continued to play strongly but fell short, losing the third set, 25-13. Coach Nancy McCollum she said felt the girls played very well as a team, stayed positive for the most part and handled the ball a lot better than the previous games.

The JV team lost their first set against Westwood, 25-11. The momentum of the Grizz did not improve, and the girls lost the second set, 25-8.

The Grizz scheduled another make-up game with Elk Creek for Oct. 29, but the Elks again canceled due to other commitments the team had for that day.

A banquet to give awards and recognize athletes’ achievements will be announced in the near future.

LHS soccer beats Plumas Christian

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies soccer team reached the end of the season with a 3-6 record, but it is still scrimmaging other teams.

The Grizzlies tied in a scrimmage, 3-3, against Susanville on Oct. 22. Ryan Stilson had the first goal, and the first half ended 1-1. The second half Victor Carillo made a goal with an assist from Preston Reugebrink. Francisco Hernandez got a goal from a penalty kick. Coach Michelle Reugebrink said that everyone played great and it was “a lot of fun.”

Last night the Grizzlies played Plumas Christian in the Cowbell classic. The winner takes the cowbell and then they play for it again next year. This year LHS got to take the cowbell home, winning 10-2.

The season is over for the Grizzlies, who had an awards banquet last night, at the Sierra Valley Lodge following their scrimmage against Plumas Christian in Graeagle. Coach Reugebrink said that they had a great season and that she hopes to coach the soccer team next year.

The following players received awards at the banquet last night:

Miguel Hernandez, Most Valuable Player; Jorge Garcia, Most Improved Player; Victor Carillo, Most Goals; Preston Reugebrink, Most Assists; and Randy Calvert, Most Field Points.


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