Sports 3/25/11

Grizz softball officially begins

By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter

Nothing has been easy about planning for a softball team this year. However, after enthusiastic recruitment, there are enough players to make a team. With a new coach in Sue McIlravy and new players, a lot of people have high hopes to not only have a successful season, but have a season altogether.

The question about having enough players for a team has been answered, as 14 players have signed up with six returning players. The returning players include Serena Verdicchio, Megan Misagal, Miranda Gunier, Jordyn Duncan, Sara Frazier and Katelyn Wolf. However, the Grizzlies have a lot of new faces coming out to play, as nine new players signed up including four freshmen, one sophomore, one junior and two seniors.

Returning player Misagal said she is pretty exciting about having a team and hopes that all the girls stay committed. Also, Misagal added she expects that all the girls will keep their grades up and have as few distractions as possible, because “it’s much better that way.“

New player Shelby Goldsmith hopes that she will have fun and do well in fielding.  Also she added she wants “to learn more about the game, because I have little experience.“

Senior Jessica Renteria mentioned she wants to improve her skills as a player and to encourage the team to have fun no matter what.

Leanna Glennon commented that she wants all the girls to be dedicated and excel at the positions assigned; also she wants everybody to have fun.

The girls’ first game is scheduled for Friday, March 18, at home against the Westwood Lumberjacks.



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