Sports 1/28/11

Varsity girls’ winning streak continues

By Connor Thompson and Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporters

The Grizzlies have gone 4-0 in the past two weeks and are currently tied for first in the Pioneer League.

First they beat the Downieville Warriors, 39-17, in Downieville on Jan. 14. The Grizzlies started the game with great defense, as they held the Warriors to only five points the first half. The second half the Grizzlies came out strongly, maintaining their dominance on defense throughout the half and keeping the momentum on their side, leading to victory. Griselda Lizarde led the team with 19 points followed by Meghan Gressel and Gaby Bertagnolli with eight points each.

The varsity girls beat the Greenville Indians, 40-25, in Greenville on Jan. 18. The Grizzlies’ offense came out strongly, outscoring the Indians, 11-3, in the first quarter. The Grizzlies kept up their offensive attack, eventually scoring 20 points in each half. The Grizz had another great defensive game, holding the Indians to only 12 points the whole second half, leading Loyalton to victory. Lizarde lead the team with 13 points and Jessica Richards followed with nine.

The Grizz beat American Christian Academy Eagles in Palo Cedro, 47-28, on Jan. 21. The first quarter held a lot of intensity as both teams’ offense started off strongly; however, the Grizzlies had a two-point lead after the quarter, 12-10. The Grizzlies’ defense picked up the momentum and held the Eagles to only eight points in the second quarter, as the Grizz outscored the Eagles, 15-8, in the quarter, and took a nine-point lead going into halftime. The Grizz kept up their great defense, as they never let the momentum shift to the Eagles, favor the whole second half, which helped them to another victory. Lizarde lead the team with 17 points followed by Richards with 11. 

The varsity girls beat the Herlong Vikings, 47-41, on Tuesday in Herlong. The Grizz had a tough time gaining enough momentum to pull away from the Vikings, as the game was close throughout the whole game.

However, the Grizzlies’ offense stepped up their game and prevailed for victory. Hannah Redding led the team with 14 points and Richards followed with 11.

Coach Bob Home said, “We need to tighten things up for Westwood and get ready for a full court press.”

The Grizz’s next game is today against the Westwood Lumberjacks at home at 5:30.

The JV girls beat the Chester Volcanoes in Chester on Tuesday. The Grizz took came out in the first quarter and built up a two Point lead going into the second quarter, 7-5. The Volcanoes could not keep up in the second quarter, and the Grizz extended their lead going into half, 21-14.

Coming into the third quarter the Volcanoes outscored the Grizz, but it was not enough to close the gap and take the lead from the Grizz. In the fourth quarter the volcanoes again outscored the Grizz  closing the gap tieing the score, 39-39 and sending the game into overtime. After the first overtime the score was again tied up and players went into double overtime. The Grizz scored 13 points and the Volcanoes only score four points after regular play. The final score of the game was 52-43. The top scorer of the game was Taylor Gonzales with 23 points.

Varsity boys are 2-1 in Pioneer League

By Griselda Lizarde and Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporters

The varsity boys hold a 2-1 record in league. The Grizzlies defeated Herlong and Greenville in the last two weeks, but came up short against American Christian.

The varsity boys beat the Greenville Indians, 57-45, on Jan. 18. The Grizzlies started the game shooting the ball well. The Indians had trouble penetrating the Grizzlies’ defense and found themselves in a hole of 20 points approaching the half.

The second half would be prove to be a fresh start for the Indians. Greenville came out with more flame than the Grizz, won the third quarter and managed to cut the lead to four going into the final period of play. As play resumed, the Grizzlies tightened up their defense and didn’t look past Greenville as they walked off with a 12-point win. Kendall Gunier led the team with 18 points, Connor Thompson followed with 17 and Zach Parker scored ten.

The Grizzlies lost the American Christian Eagles, 65-53, Jan, 21. The Eagles caught the Grizzlies flat footed to start the game and managed to hold the Grizzlies to six points in the first quarter. The Grizz responded in the second quarter and managed to score equally with the Eagles but went into halftime trailing by eleven.

The Grizzlies started the second half with a lot of hustle plays and defensive stops that gave them the edge going into the final period of play. The Eagles did not stay quiet, as they responded to the pressure and got in shooting rhythm. The Grizzlies tried to stay close, but the Eagles were too much to handle at the end of the game. Parker had an exceptional scoring night with 30 points. Thompson scored 12.

The Grizzlies defeated the Herlong Vikings on Tueday night. Game stats were unavailable.

The Grizzlies’ next game is today at home at 7:00.

The JV boys lost to Chester on Tuesday in Chester. The first quarter ended 15-7 with the Grizzlies behind and the first half 32-17 with the Grizzlies still trailing. The third quarter ended 45-28 with the Grizzlies losing, 52-40. The high scorers of the game were Joe Peterman with 21 and Cash Grandi with nine. This was a nonleague game that was added at the last minute, because Herlong couldn’t field a JV boys team.

The JV boys’ next game is at home against the Westwood Lumberjacks today at 4:00.


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