Sports 1/14/11

Girls’ basketball teams begin year with Pioneer League competition

By Connor Thompson and Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporters

The varsity girls have gone 2-1 so far this month.

The varsity girls lost to the Quincy Trojans, 59-27, on Jan. 4 at home. The first half the Grizzlies managed to compete with the Trojans, with the Trojans’ six-point lead going into halftime. The Trojans then stepped up their defense, holding the Grizzlies to only seven points in the whole second half, as Quincy outscored the Grizz 33-7, leading them to victory. Griselda Lizarde and Jessica Richards led the team with ten points each.

The Grizzlies beat the Paradise Adventist Cougars at home on Jan. 6, 44-41. Both teams started the game with great intensity and enthusiasm, as the score was tied up at nine at the end of the first quarter. The Grizzlies shifted the momentum into their favor in the second quarter, as they took a ten-point lead going into halftime. However, the Cougars stepped up their offense and cut the lead to two at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter held great intensity, as the Grizzlies held on to their small lead for the victory. Lizarde led the team with 16 points followed by Richards with 15.

The Lady Grizz lost to Portola Tigers, 70-27, on Jan. 11 at home. The Grizzlies’ defense struggled to slow down the Tigers’ offense throughout the whole game. The first half the Tigers went into halftime with momentum and a 33-14 lead, and wouldn’t look back from there, holding the Grizzlies to only 13 points the second half. Lizarde led the team with 10 points followed by Richards with seven.

The JV girls lost a close one to the Portola Tigers at home on Tuesday. The first quarter the Grizz had a six-point lead. In the second quarter the Tigers came back and took a one-point lead going into half. In the third quarter the Grizz again came back and were up by two going into the fourth quarter. The Grizz again let the Tigers catch back up, losing their lead, and were outscored that quarter by five points, losing the game, 45-42.

The Grizz’s biggest downfall was turning the ball over five times due to shot clock violations. The top scorers of the game were Taylor Gonzales with 13 points and Kolbie Johnson and Miranda Gunier with 12 points each.

The JV girls beat the Quincy Trojans on Jan. 4 at home. The first quarter the Grizz had a point lead on the Trojans going into the second quarter. During the second quarter the Grizz still maintained their lead going into halftime, 18-11. In the third quarter the Trojans came back, but in the fourth quarter the Grizz came back with the help of Miranda Gunier’s three three-point shots to give the Grizz a boost to take back control and score 17 points to the Trojans’ nine, winning the game with a final score, 46-36.

The high scorers of the game were Kolbie Johnson with 22 points and Miranda Gunier with 15 points.

Varsity boys continue to struggle

By Griselda Lizarde and Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporters

The varsity Grizzlies lost a back-to-back home stand in the first week of league play.

The Grizzlies lost to the Quincy Trojans, 56-42, on Jan 4. The Grizzlies came out playing strongly, defeating the Trojans in the first quarter. The defense tightened up for both teams in the second quarter, and the Trojans regained the lead by one point going into the half.

The Trojans picked up the scoring in the third quarter but the Grizzlies maintained the game closely. As the fourth quarter went on, the Trojans held a one-point lead until they made their run late in the fourth quarter, leaving the Grizzlies stunned, with a final score of 56-42. Connor Thompson led the team in scoring with 23 points; Ryan Funk and Kendall Gunier each had eight of their own.

The boys lost to Paradise Adventist, Jan 6, 55-26.

Paradise came ready to score as they picked up their rhythm quickly, defeating the Grizzlies in a first quarter blow, 16-5. Going into halftime, Paradise was up big with a 33-11 lead.

The Grizzlies tried what they could to slow down the pace of the game, but costly turnovers made it difficult for the Grizz to play the game at their own pace. The shots finally started falling in the fourth quarter. The Grizzlies won the final quarter but lost the game. Gunier led in scoring with nine points; Jasper Whitley had six, and Rickie DeVany followed with five.

On Tuesday night the Grizzlies traveled to face the Portola Tigers and lost, 73-28.

The varsity boys came out strongly in the first quarter, playing great on both sides of the court. Rickie DeVany scored the first five points of the game. The Tigers pulled away in the second quarter and took a 17-point lead over the Grizzlies into halftime.

The Grizzlies tried all they could to put themselves back in the game but the Tigers came out with a high point third quarter. Zach Parker lead the team with seven point; Funk and DeVany had five points each.

The JV boys beat Lassen 41-30 on Dec. 20 in Susanville. The first quarter ended 11-5 with the Grizzlies ahead and the first half ended 18-16, Lassen trailing the Grizzlies. The third quarter ended 27-18 with Loyalton leading and the game ended 41-30. The high scorers of the game were Tyler Davis with 12 points, Joe Peterman with 12 and Cash Grandi with 11 points.

The Grizzlies beat Incline on Dec. 21, 43-22. The first quarter ended 17-2 with Loyalton leading and the first half ended 24-14 with the Grizzlies up. The third quarter ended 34-19 with the Grizzlies up and the game ended 43-22. The high scorers of the game were Cash Grandi with 16 and Davis with 12.

The JV boys beat Quincy 45-22 on Jan. 4. The first quarter ended closely 7-5 and the first half ended 19-18 with Quincy trailing behind. The third quarter ended 29-22 with the Grizzlies in the lead and the game ended 45-22. The high scorers of the game were Joe Peterman with 19 points and Grandi with 15 points.

The Grizzlies beat Paradise 74-47 on Jan. 6. The first quarter ended 22-9 with the Grizzlies leading and the first half ended 43-22 with the Grizz up. The third quarter ended 60-38 with the Grizz up and the game ended 74-47. The high scorers of the game were Davis with 31 points, Grandi with 17 and Peterman with 14 points.

The Grizzlies beat Portola 42-32 on Jan. 11. The first quarter ended 9-4 with the Grizzlies down by 5. The first half ended 17-15 with the Grizzlies trailing Portola. The third quarter ended 29-27, Portola leading, and the game ended 42-32 with the Grizzlies coming back for the win. The high scorers of the game were Davis with 15 points, Peterman with nine and Max Money with eight points.

The Grizzlies’ next game is Tuesday in Greenville against the Indians.


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