Sports 12/17/10

Boys’ losing streak comes to an end

The Loyalton varsity boys basketball team record stands at 1-7. Loyalton lost to Lassen in their first game at the Quincy tourney, game stats were unavailable. In the next game the Grizzlies lost to Sierra Lutheran, 42-49, Dec. 3. Lutheran had the advantage 29-18 into the half, and while the Grizzlies fought back into the game, they came up short seven. Connor Thompson finished with 17 points. Jasper Whitley added 10.

For the last tournament game, the varsity played the North Tahoe Lakers, and lost 58-33. Tahoe came out strongly, winning the first quarter. The intensity of Tahoe only continued into the second quarter, leaving the Grizzlies searching for answers at halftime. Loyalton rose to the occasion, matching Tahoe’s intensity and winning the third quarter. The Grizzlies had no answer as Tahoe finished off the game. Kendall Gunier led the game with 13 points in scoring. Rickie DeVany followed with three points. Gunier received the all tourney award.

Loyalton traveled to Colusa to face the Princeton Eagles in a preseason game Dec. 7 and lost 56-33. The first quarter the Grizzlies came out strongly, matching the Eagles intensity and winning the quarter. Princeton took control of the game in the second quarter. The third quarter was a defensive standpoint for both teams, as a total of 11 points were scored by both teams combined. The Eagles made their run to finish off the game, with the Grizz only putting up three points in the fourth quarter. Gunier led the team with 11; Whitley added six.

The Grizzlies lost to the Quincy Trojans in the first day of the tournament. Game stats were unavailable.

The Loyalton Grizz lost to the Modoc Braves, 53-40, on Dec. 10. The boys struggled to score in the first quarter but came back strong in the second quarter, doubling their first quarter score. The Grizzlies strongest quarter came in the fourth as they outscored the Braves, 19-7. Thompson scored a game high 17 points, Zach Parker scored 10, and Gunier put up nine points.

In the last day of the tournament, the Grizzlies faced the rival Portola Tigers and lost, 53-9. The Grizzlies played the best in the first quarter, but struggled to find points in the second. The second half added more struggles, and while the Grizzlies continued to play hard the whole game, they just couldn’t keep up with the Tigers. Gunier had four points, and Ryan Funk followed with three. Whitley had the other basket of the game. Thompson won the all tourney award.

In their first home game of the season the Grizzlies also picked up their first win in a hard fought 52-43 win. The three-ball was working in the first half as the Grizzlies scored 18 of their 24 first half points on three pointers. The Grizzlies came out with a lot of intensity in the third quarter, outscoring Redding by 12 points.  The fourth quarter was a defensive standpoint for the Grizzlies, as they only gave up six points and sealed their first win. Thompson led the team with a career high 28 points followed by Gunier with eight.

The junior varsity boys started off the season playing in the Quincy tournament and in the Tiger classic.

The JV boys lost to Lassen in the Quincy tournament on Dec. 2. When the first quarter came to the end, the Grizzlies were trailing Lassen 18-14. At the end of the half, Lassen was leading 32-22. After coming back out, the Loyalton JV boys scored 10 points in the third quarter, but so did Lassen.  At the end of the game Lassen won 52-39.

The next day the Grizzlies beat Sierra Lutheran to go to consolation. The first quarter ended 16-5 with the Loyalton JV boys leading. The halftime score was 30-11 with the Grizz in the lead. The third quarter ended with the Grizzlies scoring 21 points, making the score 51-19. The game ended 75-21 with the Grizzlies up.

On Dec. 4 the JV boys beat North Tahoe Lakers for consolation. The Grizzlies came out and scored 17 points in the first quarter and only allowed the Lakers to score four. The first half ended 17-25 with the Grizzlies in the lead. The Grizzlies came back from halftime and scored 12 points, again allowing the Lakers to score four points. The game ended 51-31, with the Grizzlies taking consolation.

The Grizzlies beat Herlong 62-11 on Dec. 7. The first quarter ended 15-2 with the Grizz leading, and the half ended 27-4. The Grizzlies came out after halftime and scored 15 more, points making the score 39-8 by the end of the third quarter. The game ended 62-11 with a win for the Grizzlies.

The JV boys team beat Portola on Dec. 9 at the Portola tournament. The first half ended 19-12 Grizzlies leading. The third quarter ended 35-20 with Loyalton ahead and the game ended 43-32.

The JV boys lost to Modoc on Dec. 10 at the Portola tournament. The first quarter ended with the Grizzlies trailing Modoc, 8-4, and the first half ended 18-17, Modoc with the slight lead.  The third quarter ended, 34-30, Modoc leading and the game ended 45-38, with the Grizzlies losing in a close game.

On Dec. 11, the Grizzlies beat Quincy, 49-19. The first half ended 29-12, the Grizz up. The  final score was 49-19 in the Grizzlies favor.

JV girls take second place in tourneys

The varsity girls record currently stands at 3-5. The Lady Grizz have played in two tournaments, getting fourth in the Truckee-Tahoe Invitational and last in the Portola Classic, plus one pre-season game.   The Grizzlies kicked off their season in a scrimmage against Truckee Wolverines in Truckee, Nov. 23. There was no score or official stats taken for this game.

The Grizz beat North Tahoe Lakers, 38-26, Dec. 2 in the first round of the Truckee-Tahoe Invitational. Griselda Lizarde led the team with 16 points.

The Grizzlies moved on to the next round to play Truckee Wolverines, Dec. 3. However, the Grizz couldn’t maintain their momentum for a 64-26 loss. Jessica Richards led the team with 13 points.

The Grizz ended the tournament losing to Lutheran Panthers on Dec. 11, 40-33. The Grizzlies started off the game taking an early 10-6 lead; however, the Panthers picked up their momentum, taking a one-point lead going into halftime. The third quarter was back and forth throughout, but the Grizzlies took the lead at the end of the quarter by two; however, the Panthers picked up their defense and held the Grizz by only 5 points the fourth quarter, outscoring the Grizz, 16-5. Lizarde lead the team with 17 points.

The Grizzlies beat the Princeton Eagles in Princeton, 49-43, on Dec. 7. The Eagles took an early 13-7 lead in the first quarter; however, the Grizzlies gained momentum and cut the lead down to two going into halftime. The Grizz kept up their intensity, and outscored the Eagles, 27 to 19, in the second half, leading them to victory. Lizarde was leading scorer with 14; Richards and Meghan Gressel had 13.

The Lady Grizz started the Portola Tournament losing to the Quincy Trojans on Dec. 9, 52-35. The first half the Trojans’ defense proved to be an effective weapon as the Grizzlies were held to only 16 points. The Trojans kept up their great defense in the second half, leading them to victory. Lizarde and Gressel led the team with 10 points, each.

The Grizzlies lost to the Modoc Braves in Portola, 43-31, on Dec. 10. The game started off neck and neck, with first quarter tie at 11. The Braves picked up their defense holding the Grizzlies to only three points the whole second quarter and taking a seven-point lead going into halftime. Modoc maintained its dominance on defense outscoring the Grizz, 22-17, in the second half.

The varsity girls finished the Portola Tournament losing to the Portola Tigers on Dec. 11, 47-10. The first half the Tigers shut down the Grizzlies’ offense holding them to only five points the first half and the same amount the second half. Lizarde led the team with five points.

The ladies beat Redding Adventist Lumberjacks at home on Tuesday, 53-35. The first half the Grizzlies’ offense came out on fire, taking an early lead going into halftime with a 24-13 lead. The second half the Grizzlies maintained their momentum and outscored the Lumberjacks, 29-22 in the half, leading them to victory. Richards lead the team with 20 points followed by Lizarde with 14.

The Grizzly JV girls’ official season started with a second place win at the Truckee Tournament. In the first game against South Lake Tahoe Dec. 2 they led in the first quarter, 12-6, and continued to dominate in the second quarter, keeping the lead going into the half, 24-11. The girls did not start out the second half as well, only scoring four points to South Tahoe’s six, but the Grizz took control, winning the game, 38-29. High scorer was Kolbie Johnson with 14 points.

In the second game the Grizz fought with the Damonte Ranch Dragons in the first half, trailing at the half, 30-24. However, the Grizz came back in the second half, and took the win, 61-58. The high scorer of the game was Kolbie Johnson with 31 points, followed by Miranda Gunier with 14.

The Grizz faced Fallon Green Wave in the third game. The Grizz started the first quarter off even with Fallon, 6-6, then the Grizz pulled ahead going into half up, 18-10. The Grizz continued to outscore Fallon, taking the win, 41-23. High scorer was Kolbie Johnson with 21 points and Miranda Gunier with 14.

The final game the Grizz played the Damonte Ranch Dragons again but lost this game, 50-31.  Johnson and Gunier took all tournament honors.

The JV girls placed second in the Tiger Classic Tournament. The Grizzlies lost to Portola in the first game, 23-16. Johnson was the high scorer with 19 points and Gunier followed with 12. The second game the Grizz dominated the Braves, winning the game, 41-20. The high scorer was Johnson with 13 points. In the final game the Grizz beat the Quincy Trojans, 53-31, outscoring the Trojans each quarter. The high scorers of the game were Gunier and Taylor Gonzales with 16 points each and Johnson with 10.

The JV girls started their season with a scrimmage against the Truckee Wolverines Nov. 23 in Truckee. The Grizz were missing two players, and there was no official score or stats taken during the scrimmage.


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