Sports 11/22/10

Football comes to an end for the Grizzlies

By Griselda Lizarde
Sports Reporter

In its last game of the season, the Loyalton Grizzlies football team lost to the Westwood Lumberjacks, Nov. 6, 58-26.

The Grizzlies started off the game in a poor defensive manner, as the defensive line failed to execute the game plan, which led to the Lumberjacks picking up two quick touchdowns. The Grizz fought hard to get back into the game. As the second quarter got under way, the Grizz fumbled the ball but managed to make a quick recovery, which ignited the offense as they attempted to stage their comeback. The halftime score stood at 28-20 Lumberjacks ahead.

Cheyenne Von Tour makes an amazing touchdown in the game against Westwood on Nov. 6. Photo by Katie Roberti

The third quarter the Grizzlies continued with their momentum playing strongly on both sides. Lang Weaver did his famous war cry after a touchdown by Connor Thompson was called back because of a penalty of starting the play before the game resumed. As the game shifted into the fourth, the Grizz lost their momentum as they struggled to make a stop against Westwood.

Cheyenne VonTour scored two touchdowns. Eddie Downs and Matt Campbell added a touchdown of their own.

Ben Coonrod said, “We had a great season, even though we could have done better.” Thompson added, “It was a memorable last season, I just wish we could have ended stronger against Champion Christian.”

Although the Grizzlies qualified for the playoffs, the team decided not to attend playoffs, ending the Grizzlies’ football season. An awards banquet is currently in progress for the near future.

Loyalton High basketball in full swing

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter

The basketball season has started for the Grizzlies, with practices starting right after school and occupying the gym until 9 p.m.
Einen Grandi is coaching junior varsity boys; Craig Sheridan is coaching varsity boys, and Bob Home is coaching both junior varsity and varsity girls.
Coach Home said he feels outstanding about the upcoming season. His goals for the season are to hold together in games, keep composure and execute offense under pressure.
The junior varsity team includes Miranda Gunier, Kolbie Johnson, Veronica and Rebecca Renteria, Taylor Gonzales, Danica Gressel, Brittany Cash, Shelby Goldsmith and Haylee Eberhart. The varsity team is Meghan Gressel, Gaby Bertagnolli, Griselda Lizarde, Hannah Redding, Carly Smith, Jessica Richards, Jessica Renteria, Sabrina Carvalho, Viviana Rojas and Alyssa McCollum.
Coach Grandi said he’s excited about the season and is not sure what to expect from the competition because of the new league. He said he has a good, strong freshman group and a few veteran sophomores. He added, “When the season starts, we’ll be ready.”
The current JV boys roster is Max Money, David Guidotti, Dakotah Brandow, Shawn McGee, Bret DeBerg, Jess Lane, Tyler Davis, Joe Peterman and Cash Grandi.
Grandi’s goals for the season are to play good, clean, fast-paced basketball with as few mistakes as possible.
Coach Sheridan said he has a new group of enthusiastic guys and anticipates they will have a good season. Sheridan’s goals for the season are to have fun, play hard, learn a lot and improve.
Trying out for the varsity team are Connor Thompson, Kendall Gunier, Zach Parker, Jasper Whitley, Colton Cunha, Justus Lundy, Davis Miles, Ryan Funk, Rickie DeVany, Clinton Truhett and Matt Campbell.

Volleyball players awarded for season

By Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies volleyball teams wrapped up their seasons with an awards banquet at Los Dos Hermanos Nov. 13, with the following awards given to the varsity team:

Most Valuable Player award, Angelina Folchi and Alyssa McCollum. All-Around Most Improved Player, Serena Verdicchio. Sportsmanship Award, Katie Roberti. Most Improved Passer, Meghan Gressel. Most Intense Player, Kolbie Johnson. Best Roaming Player, Megan Misagal.

For the junior varsity team, the following awards were given: Most Valuable Player, Taylor Gonzales. All-Around Most Improved Players, Rebecca Renteria and Veronica Renteria. Most Spirited Player, Kyra McGarr. Most Improved Server,  Mae Verdicchio and Natalie Wiley. Most Improved Passer, Millena Garcia. Most Intense Player, Sara Frazier. Most Dedicated Player, Gaby Lopez.


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