Sports 10/22/10

Grizz football looking for playoff berth

By Griselda Lizarde
Sports Reporter

LHS football split the last two games, traveling to Princeton and Herlong.

The Grizzlies lost to the Princeton Eagles Oct. 8, 52-28. Both teams battled hard through the first half, and the Grizzlies went into half only down by two.

Coach Virgil Weaver said, “The young kids on our team really assumed their role and stepped up.”

The second half was shaky for the Grizz, as they threw into two interceptions in the third quarter alone. As the Eagles gained their momentum, the Grizzlies offense couldn’t establish its presence in the game.

Matt Campbell ran for two touchdowns, and Cheyenne VonTour rushed for 120 yards. Coach Weaver’s said, “As soon as these boys get their head in the game, they can win some football games.”

On Saturday, the Grizzlies beat the Herlong Vikings, 39-0. The first quarter the Grizz came out on their toes, playing consistent offense and defense. The intensity of the game sped up in the second quarter, causing turnovers and covering the Vikings offense. The Grizzlies went into the half up 24-0.

To start the third quarter, Cody Sims ran for an immediate touchdown on the kickoff return. As the game was well under control, the coaching staff took the opportunity to mix up the line with second string. Coach Scott Thompson said, “The young kids got some good playing minutes and learned a great deal.”The quarterback position was fully covered with Ryan Funk, Tyler Davis and Connor Thompson all sharing the ball. Coach Bob Home felt that the defense played incredibly, opening up big holes for the running backs.

Soccer falls short of making playoffs

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies lost to Portola on Oct. 13, 9-0. Martin Lizarde had some important blocks as goalkeeper, according to coach Michelle Reugebrink. Victor Carillo, Preston Reugebrink and Randy Calvert played as forwards. Danica Gressel, Sierra Sweeting, Shawn McGee, Liz Lizarde, Brittany Morrison and Miguel Hernandez were on defense. Jorge Garcia, Brad Bundy, Haylee Eberhart, Ryan Stilson and Jess Lane were halfbacks. Shawn and Miguel stood out with some excellent defense, said Coach Reugebrink. She also stated that the parent appreciation ceremony was very meaningful. Coach Reugebrink said that the forwards hustled, the defense played tough, and the halfbacks did a fantastic job.

The Grizzlies beat Squaw Valley by official decision on Oct. 15. The score was 3-1, Loyalton-Squaw Valley, at the half. Carillo scored two goals, and Preston Reugebrink scored one, with assists from Calvert and Lizarde.

After Squaw scored four more times and after Calvert scored, the score was 5-4 when Squaw Valley’s coach ran on to the field yelling and directed his players to hurt the Loyalton soccer players. The Squaw coach also yelled “Loyalton sucks” and “You’re not going to playoffs.” As a result, the referee declared the game ended with the win going to Loyalton.

According to athletic director Megan Meschery, Squaw Valley’s coach was fired after his behavior.

Coach Reugebrink said that besides that poor behavior on the coach’s part, it was a good overall game. However, the Grizzlies will not be making it to playoffs this year.

Grizz Volleyball searching for answers

By Tommy Ketchum
Sports Reporter

The Grizzlies varsity record stands at 0-9 on the season and the JV record stands at 1-3.

The Grizzlies lost to the Herlong Vikings yesterday in a total of four close matches. The Grizz lost the first set, 25-22 They made a comeback, winning the second set, 25-23. However, the Grizzlies’ comeback did not last long, and the Vikings won the third set, 25-17. The Grizz kept the Vikings on their toes the whole fourth game but lost, 25-20.

Junior Angelina Folchi said, “The team started out strong with a lot of energy, but then everyone got down on themselves and started making mistakes. Also, a fight broke out on the court between two boys in the crowd and it disrupted the flow of the game.”

Varsity lost to the Greenville Indians Oct. 14 in Loyalton. In the first set the Grizzlies struggled, losing, 25-8. During the second set the Grizz scored first and had the lead, but the Indians recovered and won, 25-16. The Grizz were down by seven at a timeout, never recovered and lost, 25-16.

The Grizz traveled to North Tahoe Oct. 12, when both the JV and varsity teams lost to the Lakers. In the first set the Grizz varsity lost, 25-10. The second set improved for the Grizz, but they fell short, losing, 25-15. In the third set the Grizz lost, 25-15. Coach Nancy McCollum said she felt the girls played better as a team this game despite losing, and she felt they played better than the scores showed.

The JV team was consistent, but they lost to the Lakers, 25-19, in each of their two matches. McCollum said they played very well, and Sara Frazier did a good job at libero for the first time.

The Grizz travels to Westwood Tuesday.


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