News 10/22/10

Blood drive coming to LHS

Loyalton High could win $1,000 to fix up the school. The contest is sponsored by United Blood Services, which has challenged organizations to register the highest percentage blood donors compared to the organization’s size.

The LHS leadership class is sponsoring its community blood drive Tuesday, Nov. 2 in the LHS gym.

Those interested in donating can register in advance at, using the keyword “loyalton.”

Additionally, a free cholesterol screening will be given to those who donate who are interested.

Those interested in more information can contact junior Carly Smith or leadership teacher Joanne Nunes at the school at 933-4454.

LHS faces review process

Loyalton High School will be evaluated this school year for its accreditation, which is the process that gives official approval and certification for a high school, so that other schools including colleges can accept students’ transcripts. A team of several educators from California will visit LHS; talk to teachers, parents, students and community members; study a long report the staff will prepare; look for evidence that the claims in the report are true; and prepare a series of its own observations and recommendations. These individuals will represent the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The chairman of the committee visited LHS today, and the whole team will also be here in the spring for the official review process. WASC’s job is to verify that LHS’s school reports are accurate and to offer other recommendations the school may need to make. WASC visits schools every three years during a six-year process. Typically, the process starts with a progress report from the school; year two is a follow up progress report; year three is a one-day review along with a midterm progress report; year four is a profile update along with a progress report; year five is a review of the school profile data, progress and program analysis and the beginning of self study; year six is the completion of self study, full three day self study of school. Because Loyalton High’s WASC review six years ago was so strong, the school qualified for a six-year review term; that meant that a three-year review wasn’t necessary other than the filing of various updates. Teacher Caleb Dorsey is chairman of the WASC team at LHS. For the last six years he and Dino Marinoni, on leave this year, brought various recommendations to the staff at meetings so as to review the school’s progress in regard to the growth areas for improvement the staff had put together six years ago. Those involved math and science instruction, as well and other improvements. The WASC team will evaluate home groups and focus groups of the school. A home group is a number of teachers working on core subjects such as math, history and English. The focus group is a number of teachers working on instruction, curriculum, organization, assessment and accountability, and student academic growth. During the spring visit the accreditation committee will be sitting in on classes; interviewing students, teachers and parents; and filling out many evaluations. Dorsey said everyone should expect a few questions from these visitors: “Just be honest and tell them what you think.” Dorsey said the accreditation process is all about gaining excellence for all high school students. The teachers and accreditation team will help identify LHS’s strengths and areas for growth. This process will help teachers improve learning and student performance. He added that the involvement of students and teachers is important and a major factor for the WASC review.

Vital role for council

By Danika Ashton

The Site Council is a group for public schools to stay apprised with the operation of school and help with the development of the Single Plan for Student Achievement and designated expenditures.

The LHS council is made up of four teachers, one administrator, one classified employee, three parents or community members and three students.

The council usually meets three to four times a year. Its first meeting was Tuesday evening. All meetings are open to the public.

The Site Council even has a role with the WASC process. WASC checks School Site Council and membership to make sure the school has a dynamic group. It is expected (but not a rule) that the Site Council is involved with one or more WASC committees.

The Site Council members play a very important role in the success of the school. Principal Marla Stock said she is “thankful for those who are willing to attend the meetings and donate their valuable time to the success of LHS.”


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