News 1/28/11

Mock interviews coming up for LHS seniors

By Rickie DeVany
Roar Reporter

Loyalton High School is having its 20th annual Mock Job Interviews for the senior class on Thursday from 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  The interviews will be held in the William R. Rouse Gymnasium.

The Mock Job Interviews program started at LHS 20 years ago by former career technician Kathy Kirkpatrick and former teacher Diana Rouse.  The purpose of the interviews is to prepare seniors for job interviews later in life.

Amy Filippini, LHS’s current career technician, said, “The interviews help raise the confidence of seniors. I was nervous at my first few interviews.”

The interviews will be 10 to 15 minutes long, and Filippini will try and get each senior at least three interviews.  The students will pretend to be applying for an entry-level position at several businesses.

Filippini will help prepare the seniors for the interviews by teaching them during English classes on Monday and Tuesday about appropriate interview etiquette. This preparation session will include a list of questions that the employers will possibly ask. She will additionally teach good interview skills and explain the Mock Job Interview process.

Filippini has invited many local employers to conduct interviews with LHS students.  Those interviewing seniors this year will include the following: Mike Filippini and Karen Rickman, First 5 Sierra; Barbara Weaver, Sierra County Community Outreach Coordinator; Corby Gardner, Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative; Jane Roberti, rancher; Sean Conry, Longboard’s manager and chef; Chuck Irvin, Sierra County Superior Court judge; Stan Hardeman, superintendent of Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District; April Waldo, MHS coordinator; Hannah Tomatis, Sierra County Office of Education; Jennifer Johnson, Workforce Alliance; and Scott Coates, Les Schwab Tires. Other employers will also attend.

Seniors wear business attire for the event—to include dress shirt, slacks and tie for boys and business suits for girls.

Senior advisor Janet McHenry said that the seniors have prepared spotless resumes and typed job applications for the mock interviews and will receive grades in both English and economics classes for their interviews. Interviewers grade each student they interview, and those scores are averaged for the class grades.

“Typically,” McHenry said, “employers who also participate in similar events in Plumas County always remark at how much better prepared and presented our students are at Loyalton High. We believe strongly that LHS does prepare its students for the world of work—and the mock interviews are one of the ways that we do just that.

New propositions for council

By Jorge Garcia
Roar Reporter

Many subjects were discussed last Tuesday at the LHS Site Council meeting, including budget, the lack of school lunches at school, the possibility of opening the snack shack during lunch with actual lunch food, and a microwave open for student use, as well as an involvement plan for parents and the Single Plan for Student Achievement.

The student achievement plan is a report for the school year that establishes yearly school goals and spending priorities for various grant funds. It also includes information about how the budget is used to meet the goals. The plan must be approved first by the Site Council and then by the school board.

The plan could not be approved due to two reasons. Only five of the 12 members attended the meeting–and that’s not a require quorum to approve anything. Another reason was that grant fund amounts reported in the plan needed to be revised. The plan was sent to SPJUSD finance director Rose Asquith to make the accurate corrections. The plan will be discussed in the next meeting.

Site Council members also discussed the problem of not having a place for students to eat on campus. This, said student member Jessica DeBerg, “creates a poor climate for our school.”

They discussed the possibility of opening the snack shack with actual food for students to purchase during lunch. DeBerg also said it’s important to have seating arrangements for the students to eat, considering there is no heat in the hallway. She noted that food is not allowed in the gym, where many students spend their time.

The idea of having a microwave available for students to heat up food so they could eat was discussed by members.

Teacher member Janet McHenry said it bothers her that students don’t have a lunch option on campus. “It’s my baby. I’m going to push it until I’m told to shut up.”

The next Site Council meeting is scheduled for March 15 at 5 p.m.

In the spirit of Winterfest Week Robin Grffin and Zoe Studer wear their pajamas to school on Monday for Pajama Day.

Ryan Funk and Rickie DeVany sport their Mario and Luigi outfits on Wednesday for Dress Like a Video Game Character Day.



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