News 1/14/11

Winterfest events approaching quickly

By Rickie DeVany
Roar Reporter

The time for Loyalton’s winter festivities is set for Jan. 24 to 29.  Winterfest dressup days are as follows:  Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Dress Like Your Best Friend Day, Wednesday is Dress Like a Video Game Character, Thursday is Gender Bender and Friday is the classic Blue and White Day. 

The 2011 king candidates are Miguel Hernandez, Martin Lizarde and Connor Thompson.  The junior class prince is Matt Campbell.  The sophomores chose Josh Smith, and the freshmen decided on Jess Lane.  The Winterfest rally will be on Jan. 28. The plans for the rally are a surprise like most years, but the king and prince candidates will be doing several skits and activities, which will be put on by the leadership girls.  The theme for Winterfest this year will be Winter Wonderland.

Following the rally on Friday will be several basketball games.  Loyalton basketball teams will be playing Westwood, starting at 3 p.m. with the JV girls.  The following day, Saturday, Jan. 29, is the Winterfest dance.  It will be held in the gym from 8 to 11 p.m.  The fee will be $4 with an ASB card and $5 without.  The king and prince will be announced at the the half time of the Varsity Boy’s game on Friday.

This year’s king and prince candidates were asked to reveal interesting facts about themselves.  Junior Matt Campbell said he is in an alternative rock band called The Wingmen. Sophomore Josh Smith said he likes eating peanut butter, and he is a good listener.  Freshman Jess Lane said he enjoys dancing and giving hugs. Martin Lizarde said he is an avid shoe wearer.  Miguel Hernandez said he likes playing Modern Warfare 2, and Connor Thompson said he is in a band called The Wingmen, loves to eat peanut butter while playing Modern Warfare 2, wears shoes and talks to himself.

Probable change in Loyalton math, science requirements

By Angelina Folchi

A few LHS staff members have proposed some changes in the math and science requirements expected for graduation. The changes were discussed at the board meeting on Tuesday, and they will be up for adoption at the February board meeting. If agreed upon, all LHS freshmen, sophomores and juniors will have to take a math class each of those three years.  This guarantees that the students are continuously learning and keeping up on their math standards.

The current requirements state that students have to take three years of math to graduate, but they are allowed to double up and take two courses in one year. Also, one of the three years can be completed during the senior year. If the new propositions pass, this will no longer be the case. Students will still be allowed to double up as they please, but that will not excuse them from taking a math class their sophomore or junior year. Instead, it would only force them to take four years of math instead of the required three. College preparatory students will still be encouraged to take at least four years of college-prep math.

“The idea is to have students taking a math class each of the three years that will be tested,” Principal Marla Stock said.

If the board approves this, it will have a big impact on ag students, related to both math and science. The LHS faculty wants to verify that ag students are learning the state standards just as the rest of the students, so they will have to take the same STAR tests as everyone else. Ag 1 students will take the California Standardized Test (CST) Earth Science test, while Ag 2 and Ag Biology students will have to take the CST Biology test. Under the current policy, ag completers are granted math credit. If the school board agrees to make these changes, this will no longer be the case. Everyone will have to take at least three years of math, no matter if they are enrolled in the ag program or not.

Science teacher Caleb Dorsey would like to see the changes made, but he said, “I think we might have to add some intervention classes for the kids who need extra help.”

Stock thinks it important for these changes to be made, because “it ensures that we are providing a rigorous academic program.”


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