News 4/7/11

Cultural Fair takes students to other global hemispheres

By Jorge Garcia and Kyra McGarr
Roar Reporters

LHS held a Cultural Fair Friday, for which every student was on a team according to their flex class. 

Teams were as follows: Barbara Jaquez, Megan Meschery and Cali Griffin for team Greece; Janet McHenry and Sue Gressel for India; Kim McKinney and Laura Calabrese for Brazil; and Caleb Dorsey and Joanne Nunes for Thailand.

Anticipation in advance was high for the Cultural Fair. Freshman Danielle Duncan said, “It’s cool and I’m excited.”

“I’m excited to try food from other cultures,” said sophomore Rebecca Renteria.

Other students were not so excited for the event. “It’s a waste of time,” said Eric Nolasco.

However, the staff thought it was a meaningful experience that had been generated by the leadership class. “It’s a great idea,” said Kara Yegge.

Many of the teams had some creative and representative events relating to their country’s culture. Team Greece had shot put and discus, and several team members went all out, dressing up in Greek military costumes.

Team India showed the Bollywood movie Bride and Prejudice, a parody remake of Pride and Prejudice, based on the novel by Jane Austen. India flex classes also offered crafts such as henna tattoos and friendship bracelets.

Team Brazil had a game of Brizingo. It also had a mask booth available as well as necklaces.

Thailand had lotus flower making.

All teams offered several banquet tables full of food from their culture, from several kinds of curry to a bean and rice dish to Greek yogurt.

Numerous community members, from toddlers to senior citizens, attended the Cultural Fair and were delighted to share in the various crafts and food. Lang Weaver even gave one of his shields and lances to a young boy.

After the Cultural Fair most students interviewed said they had a good time.

Junior Serena Verdicchio said, “It was very interesting because of all the different cultures.”

Senior David Vazquez said, “It was okay.”

Sophomore Veronica Renteria said, “It was fun and the food was good.”

Freshman Natalie Wiley said, “It was better than normal classes.”

Junior Alyssa McCollum said, “It was okay. I wish more people would have come.”

LHS custodian Cheryle Brooks said, “ I thought it was great. I wish I had been able to enjoy it more, but I was busy working. We should have more events like that.”

Yegge also noted that she appreciated seeing all the students showing their new knowledge on cultures.

Prom plans in works for Grizzly Ranch

By Rickie DeVany

Loyalton High School’s prom will be Saturday, May 7, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.  This year’s theme is Forever Young.

Joanne Nunes, leadership class teacher and Associated Student Body advisor, said, “Forever Young in my opinion is the thought of always being young and cherishing those memories.”

The dance will take place at Grizzly Creek Ranch north of Beckwourth.  This is a large resort area, golf course, and clubhouse with balconies.

Prom is being organized by seniors Jessica Richards and Kirsten Goldsmith, along with juniors Katie Roberti, Jasper Whitley, Megan Gressel and Gaby Bertagnolli.

Prom will cost $20 for each individual, and tickets will go on sale April 11.

Students will be given a party favor with each invitation.  Pictures will be available for singles, couples or groups.  Photographer Bré Whitley will be taking the prom photos.  Whitley has her own company, BreBee Photography, which she started last summer.  She has experience taking photographs of seniors for their portraits, weddings, prom and other events.

Students will be given a contract, which should be reviewed by parents and students.  The contract states that students will not be admitted to prom after 8:30 p.m. and may not leave until 11 p.m.  No bags or backpacks will be allowed, and purses will be searched.  All students must be willing to submit to a search of alcohol, drugs or tobacco, as well as taking a breathalyzer test before entering the dance.  There is a no tolerance policy for any violations of the contract, and students will be disciplined according to the California Education Code.


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