Features 11/5/10

Several LHS students are competing in rodeo

By Danika Ashton and Kyra McGarr
Features Writers

Students at LHS have been competing in different roping activities with two different rodeo organizations. Three students–junior Gaby Bertagnolli, freshman Taylor Gonzales and sophomore Cash Grandi–are busy pursuing their rodeo interests throughout the fall season.

Bertagnolli is involved with the Nevada High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA), whereas  Gonzales is active with the California High School Rodeo Association (CHSRA). They compete in district-level competitions throughout their season. Students then progress to State Finals.

Gonzales won first in barrel racing the last two years in Winnemucca as a part of the State Finals. Additionally, Bertagnolli has won money awards. She said, “It’s my life.”  She is competing this weekend at the Boulder City Rodeo in Nevada.

Bertagnolli and Gonzales also participate with the American Cowboys Team Roping Association (ACTRA), as does Cash Grandi.Teacher Cali Griffin also is involved with this organization and its competitions.

In the United States ACTRA is the largest nonprofit roping organization. It was founded in 1983. It has different teams or chapters in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Canada, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah and Montana. The organization is run and owned by its members. Anyone can join; the organization has many different levels for people with different ages, skill levels, ability levels and price ranges. The goal is to provide an organization that families and professional ropers can be proud to be apart of. The motto is: “ACTRA, where families come to rope!”

There are individual chapter finals that qualify members for National Finals. The organization even has a donation fund for members who get hurt in any sort of accident or illness.  It also has college scholarships for members or immediate family members. 

Grandi has won many awards, including  a buckle, halter, stirrups and a feed bag at a competition in Winnemucca.

“It’s awesome,” Grandi said.

Gonzales won $120 in a buckle roping contest as a part of the Sierra Valley Roping Club at a recent competition.

Gonzales said, “It’s super fun,” and that everyone has a good time.

All three students recently competed at the ACTRA National Finals in Reno Oct. 23 and 24. Grandi got 18th place in the number three division of team roping with partner Cindy Maddalena.


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