Op/Editorials 3/25/11

Sheldon DeBerg holds Travis Marsh’s legs as he turns off the water faucet underground. Some FFA students then helped Bryan Griffin fix the broken pipes.

Locals speak out against raise in Main Street limit

By Jorge Garcia
Roar Reporter

The Loyalton City Council held a public hearing on March 15  at the Social Hall at Loyalton City Park for citizens to provide opinions about whether  Caltrans should raise the speed limit from 25 mph to 35 mph on Main Street.

The limit would increase the existing 25 mph speed limit on State Highway 49 from 150 feet south of Hill Street to a point between Taylor Avenue and Smithneck Creek Bridge to 35 mph to the western city limits.

The reason for the increase suggestion was due to the fact that there were zero recorded accidents in the three-year-long period from October 1, 2006, to September 30, 2009. Based on Caltran’s engineers’ judgment, the existing 25 mph speed limit is not appropriate for this section of roadway, and therefore, they believe it should be raised to 35 mph.

Many members from the public voiced their opinion, with no one at the meeting in favor of raising the speed limit. Caltrans did not send a representative to the public hearing.

Those who were not available to attend the meeting can still voice their opinion. Caltrans will consider letters to be sent it with an opinion and the reasoning behind it. Superintendent Stan Hardeman is sending in a letter representing the school district, because many students walk along Main Street, either to and from home to and from the multiple schools located throughout the city.

Individuals interested in writing letters should send them to the following:

Mr. Ronald S. Skyes

Chief, Traffic Operations Branch

Department of Transportation

District 3

703 B Street

Marysville, CA 95901-0911


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