Features 3/25/11

FFA showing off their homemade orange juice.

Classes fundraise for trips

By Ben Coonrod, Kyra McGarr
and Tommy Ketchum
Roar Reporters

The freshman and sophomore classes have done some great fundraisers this year. The freshmen sold See’s Candy first quarter and earned a cash award for their homecoming float. They are going to use their money for their yearbook pages and senior trip. The freshman class See’s Candy made $1,044.28 this year.

The sophomore class fundraisers are Christmas tree selling and a dance. The fundraisers are for money for a senior trip and yearbook pages. A lot of work goes into the Christmas tree-selling fundraiser, because sophomores have to buy permits and organize workers to cut, transport and sell the trees. The trees are sold per foot. The sophomores will have a dance during the third quarter.

According to advisor Craig Sheridan, “This Sophomore class made the hall of fame.” He meant that there was good participation by the students and parents when cutting trees. The fundraiser brought in $2,257 for the sophomore class.

The junior and senior class fundraisers are coming fast. The junior class fundraiser is selling See’s Candy in the spring to raise money for their senior trip and to help pay for class activities along with the payment of yearbook pages. The expense for the junior class yearbook pages was around $360. The funds raised from the See’s Candy will help cover the cost of the class’s yearbook pages and any other expenses they may have.  The junior class See’s Candy is now on sale; staff and students can preorder from any junior class member.

The senior class’s main fundraiser is the variety show, set for April 29. Every senior class member is to perform one or more acts. The senior class also puts on a dinner before the show, and each senior also brings an item to be auctioned off. The auction is held midway through the show. Most of the funds made from the variety show are put toward the senior class’s yearbook pages and their senior trip, which is costly. Last year’s senior trip was to Six Flags in Vallejo and the cost of that was around $2,500.

Last year’s seniors also paid for graduation decorations, costing them an extra $850. Each senior class for the last six years assumed the expense of graduation decorations. Every quarter a different class is allowed to have a dance as a fundraiser.

The sequence of dances is as follows: First quarter, seniors; second quarter, juniors; third quarter sophomores; and fourth quarter, freshman. So far, no class has organized and held a dance. The only dances that have been put on so far were Homecoming and Winterfest, both sponsored by ASB. The fundraising opportunities in the first and second quarters belonged to the freshmen and sophomores and the third and fourth quarters belong to the junior and senior classes.


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