Features 2/9/11

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about love

By Jorge Garcia
Roar Writer

It’s that time of the year again when love fills the air… or not. Either way, there are many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether that is with your significant other or your friends.

There are many great ways to celebrate. It’s always great to have a valentine, but if you don’t, you could spend some time with friends or meet up with family, friends, stuffed giraffe, chocolate ice cream or anything that happens to make you happy.

Hanging out with friends is always fun, so why not do it on Valentine’s Day? If you’re afraid of being a fifth wheel, don’t hang out with any couples. You could always plan an anti-Valentine’s Day party, where everyone can just have a good time and not think of the holiday being focused on romance.

If you can’t find anyone to enjoy your day with, try taking yourself out for a movie. Treat yourself to a nice dinner and give yourself a box of chocolates and some roses. Go out and have fun! There are millions and millions of people who are single or who just want to have a love-free Valentine’s Day,

Those who do have a valentine can spend the day with them, take them out to dinner, hang out around the house, get each other gifts… but that’s when another problem can begin, because many teenagers do not necessarily have the money for such indulgences. However, there are many great free or inexpensive ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. You can go to the park and have a romantic walk around the park, go to the beach, or maybe even have a movie night at home.

Try the simple box of chocolates for around five or more a box. It’s the thought that counts. Try and keep it simple: One rose will be just as meaningful as twelve. Try the dollar store: It has great bears, flowers, candy and even cards. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this event.

Material gifts are not the only things you can give: There are better options, such as an open-air dinner. Try and make it special in some way.

No matter if you like the holiday or not, there are many ways to make it special. Don’t feel bad if you are alone. Remember you are not the only one. Spend the day looking at the glass half full instead of its being empty all day long.

Some people don’t even consider Valentine’s Day a holiday.  “It’s not a real holiday if we don’t get school off!” said freshman Kyra McGarr.

Treat your friends, so as to make it special. The greater message is giving, not getting.


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