Features 1/14/11

Loyalton Middle School tourney starts

By Kyra McGarr
Roar Reporter

The 25th Annual Cougar Classic, the Loyalton Middle School basketball tournament, started yesterday and continues through Sunday in the Loyalton High School gym and the LMS gym. Additionally, a taco feed sponsored by the LHS Booster Club will be happening Saturday at the Loyalton Elementary School cafeteria from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders will be playing along with 54 other teams this year.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to come to the basketball game and the taco feed.

The taco feed, started about three years ago, is held with the generous help of Los Dos Hermanos. The Sierraville restaurant owners prepare all the food.

The cost is $5 for kids and $8 for adults. For a family of four the cost is $20. All the basketball players and cheerleaders are selling tickets for the taco feed.

Athletic director Megan Meschery said, “Please come out and have a yummy dinner supporting our basketball program!”

The taco feed proceeds will help support basketball expenses, to include busing, referees and uniforms. Each LHS basketball team is helping with serving and/or setup and cleanup.

Luncheons help students

By Angelina Folchi

Each year all LHS seniors are invited to attend the weekly Loyalton Rotary Club luncheons in groups of two from noon to 1:30 on Thursdays at the Community Church. The seniors are requested to wear appropriate business attire, and a Rotary member always picks the students up from school and drops them off after the meeting.

At the luncheon the seniors are introduced as the guests of the meeting, and they’re asked to tell a little about themselves, like what they enjoy doing in their spare time. They also answer questions about what their senior projects are and what their plans for the future are, including where they want to go to college and what they want to major in.

It’s important for students to attend their arranged meeting, because the Rotary club plays a big part in supporting LHS students. Rotary has funded the seniors’ trip to UNR during the fall for the past several years, which amounted to more than $600 this year. Besides sponsoring the trip, Rotary helps seniors participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program, which is an exchange program that helps a student travel to a foreign country to live with host families for a year. The local club pays for some of the expenses as well.

The club also offers four or five generous scholarships to assist graduating seniors in continuing their education after high school. Students are chosen based on their completed applications, their academic accomplishments in high school and their personal interview.

It’s a great idea for students to attend the luncheons, because if someone is interested in applying for and receiving a Rotary scholarship, the luncheon meeting helps to make the Loyalton members aware of that senior and his or her interests.

Jessica Renteria said, “It helps to stay in front of them, because they can put a face to the scholarship application.” The Rotary Club members are more likely to consider someone’s application if they know who the person is and what his or her goals for the future are.

Lambing season is in full swing in the Loyalton FFA barn, and Travis Marsh holds one of the newborns.


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