Features 12/17/10

Great ideas for easy holiday gifts

By Jorge Garcia
Roar Writer

The holidays are a very different time of the year for everyone.  For some people they have become focused on the gifts; to others, it’s the parties; and to some, the time with family and friends. Some LHS students just don’t focus on people: Danica Gressel wishes her cats a very merry Christmas on Christmas morning. 

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently. According to to a recent LHS Roar survey, some stay up really late to open presents. Some wake up really early. Others open gifts on Christmas Eve.

Some tend to bake cookies for Santa. Rachel Huebert joked that she has a tendency to break at least one plate when baking her Christmas cookies.

For many LHS students, Santa is a big part of Christmas traditions.

The food is major focus to everyone’s traditions, whether students have the traditional eggnog and a big meal or possibly have a family favorite. Mae Verdicchio’s family has lasagna. One thing that’s for sure is everyone eats a little more than needed.

When LHS students think of Christmas, they think of gifts. For oneself or for friends and family, gifts add to the holiday spirit.

Ideas for an inexpensive gift include homemade gifts such as a photo album with great memories, framed art work, and candles with

customized candleholders. If some prefer to buy loved ones something, a good bet would be something to use even when away from home.

Portable gifts are very good ones for this Christmas season. One new idea is a universal charge that they can take with them for their iPod, cell-phone, PSP, Nintendo Ds, whatever the person happens to have.

Another item to consider getting them is a gift card to their favorite store; it shows them you care enough to go to the store and try to locate them something. Music gift cards are another great one considering that everyone loves music.

There are many gifts you can consider. Shoppers should consider the person’s personality when purchasing a gift. Will they use this? Will they want to wear it? Is it something that they will want to have and not just take up space.

Everyone is different and there are a lot of gifts out there that people can locate. They don’t need to spend $200 on a music station. One could buy an accessory that allows them to play the music from their iPod to their stereo.

No matter what, the important thing is spending time with people who are special and offering a helping hand with the many tasks at home. English teacher Janet McHenry has challenged her students to do a good deed over Christmas—a random act of kindness.

“You can totally make someone’s day turn by doing a simple act of kindness,” she said.

Ideas for volunteering as a gift are as follows: shoveling your neighbor’s or friend’s walk, painting a room for your parents, washing the dishes for your family, running errands for a shut-in relative, and packing up the Christmas decorations without being asked.


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