Sports 9/18/09



Football Boy By Maddi Morris

Sports  Reporter 

       The Grizzlies football team has started the season with a 1-1 record.

       The Grizzlies kicked off the season with a rocky start. They lost to Dunsmire there Sept. 4, 66-6.  The team both offensively and defensively initially started strong according to defensive coach Scott Thompson. They held on for the first quarter and a half, but then the boys let a few touchdowns go to the other team. This got their spirits down, and as the game went on, they slowly gave up.

        Leaving first game jitters behind them, Thompson said he is feeling very strong about this year’s team. “With large improvements from returning players Seth Norris and Brody Ingle, we will have a much better chance at success.” Ingle was responsible for the first official Grizzly touchdown.

 New additions to the team are talented freshmen like Cheyenne Von Tour, who is Loyalton’s new defensive tackle and offensive fullback.

       Coach Thompson said he feels as though the boys are no longer playing as individuals but as a team. “I am optimistic about this year’s team with their knowledge about the game.”

       The boys had a huge turnaround Friday with a win of 54-6 against the Pyramid Lake Lakers in Nixon. The team started off very strongly with the first touchdown in the first quarter by Cheyenne Von Tour. Other boys who made touchdowns were Tyler Charlton, Seth Norris, Connor Thompson and Brody Ingle.

      The defensive line played an amazing game, said coach Virgil Weaver. “They worked really hard to keep the Lakers from scoring another touchdown.” Weaver said “The whole defense is really starting to learn the game and play as one.”

      He also said he feels as though Norris, Teric Morris, Lang Weaver, and Von Tour have really stepped up and have gone above and beyond what was asked of them and become leaders this season.

  Weaver said he believes that the offense came alive this game but still has a lot to learn.



 By Weston Roberti

Sports Editor   

         The Loyalton Grizzlies soccer team has now scored 10 or more goals for the second straight game as the team defeated Squaw Valley Academy in the teams’ first league match with a final score of 11-4 in Squaw Valley.

     Quinn Hilberg and D.J. Hall led the team in scoring, as both had three goals throughout the entire game.  Alex Folchi and Victor Carrillo were not far off, however, as they were right behind the leaders with two goals apiece.  To top off the score, Randy Calvert also had a goal. 

      The Grizzlies won its first home match of the season, as the team defeated Plumas Christian in a friendly scrimmage with a score of 13-3.  The game started out with only nine players on the field for both teams instead of the regular 11 due to Plumas Christian’s small team.  The Grizzlies fell behind early in the first few minutes of play, as Plumas Christian scored two goals in a row.  Loyalton bounced back quickly, however, and after taking the lead, never gave it back.  Victor Carrillo led the Grizzlies with an incredible six goals.  Kia Ingram also had a big game as she scored twice, and Hall, Matt Wilson, Hilberg, Miguel Hernandez, and Calvert each had a goal apiece.

      The Grizzlies’ season began with the Quincy tournament Aug. 28 and 29.  The Grizzlies had a rough outing in the first day of the tournament, as the team lost its first game to Whittel, with a score of 5-0. The following game had the same score, in a loss lost to Tulelake.

    The second day started like the first, as the team suffered its third and fourth losses in the tournament, falling to North Valleys and Foothill High schools, both games ended with a score of 3-2.  However, in the Grizzlies’ last game of the tournament, the team finally came alive and beat Golden Sierra High School, 7-0.

   “The team progressed all throughout the tournament and has everyday in practice,” said coach Kelly Hilberg. “Conditioning is a big part of the game, and the team was out of shape.  Our communication is improving, and we are beginning to come together as a team.  The fundamentals on the team are very good; now we are just placing it all together.”

    Helping Coach Hilberg this season is Ozzie Perez, who will be the assistant coach for the Grizzlies. There are a total of 18 players on the team this year, with five returning seniors, five juniors, four sophomores and four freshmen. 



By Connor Thompson

Sports Reporter

       The Lady Grizzlies won their home opener against the Downieville Warriors Tuesday in a total of three matches.  The Grizzlies started off slowly the first match, but came back to win , 26-24, with the help from sophomore Alyssa McCollum, who had eight serves in a row.  Loyalton took control over the Warriors in the second match, winning 25-16. The Grizzlies started off strongly in the third match, holding the lead throughout ,and finished with the score of 25-18.Spike it Lady Grizz!

      The Grizzlies volleyball team kicked off its season Saturday in Susanville, with four losses and no wins at a tournament at Lassen High School. Six schools attended the tournament. The Grizzlies started the tournament by playing the Greenville Indians then moved on to play the Lassen Grizzlies, Portola Tigers, and Surprise Valley Hornets.

     The Lady Grizz are looking forward to an upcoming season, first year coach Julie Scheckla said.

    “My goals for this season are to come together as a team, to compete against other teams, and to have fun. This year will be a challenge due to a small team and learning a new rotation.”           

    Senior player Kelsey Scheckla also said, ”I want to have fun and win a couple games.” 

   Junior team member Jessica Richards also said she was ”so excited for this season!”

   The Lady Grizz have nine total players this season, with six veterans including three seniors and three sophomores. The Grizzlies also have three players with little experience including two juniors and one freshman.

    The Grizzlies’ next game was set for Thursday against the Herlong Vikings. Scores were not available at press time.

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