Sports 4/30/10

Boys fall to third in league

By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

   The boys baseball team has taken two tough losses in the last week
   The Grizz lost in an intense game against Chester Friday, April 23, 5-3.
   According to Coach Scott Thompson the team came out very strongly and kept this up throughout the whole game. It was a back and forth game, even tied at one time. However, the Volcanoes pulled ahead and kept the lead.
   “The game basically came down to who made more mistakes and who was going to capitalize on those mistakes,” stated Thompson.
   Coach Thompson also said that this game was a “pitcher’s duel” and that Dylon Gravelle did an outstanding job handling this situation. Gravelle pitched a strong game all six innings and also stood out offensively with a two-run homerun.
   This game wasn’t a big offensive game for either team; however, the boys really had their heads in the game and were ready to play ball according to Thompson.
   Jose Ramirez said, “Everybody’s head was in the game and we never let up.”
   Bradley Truhett said, “I felt we did pretty good, but we could have done better, and we can improve on mental errors.”
   Gravelle had two RBIs and two runs, Weston Roberti had an RBI, and Connor Thompson had one run.
   The Grizzlies also lost to Portola Tuesday, 8-2.
   According to Coach Thompson the boys were not in the game mentally; he said they had very little focus compared to the earlier Chester game.  He added that they played like the complete opposite team from the previous week.
   “We looked lost; we looked like we didn’t know what we were doing,” said Thompson.
   Randy Calvert said, “Nobody had their heads in the game, but we will get them next time.” Calvert said he was feeling positive about the future. The Grizzlies play the Truckee JV team today and Big Valley tomorrow.
   Matt Campbell said he was very excited about the rest of the season. “I think we will be able to bounce back and compete with other teams.”

Softball splits games with Herlong

By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter

   The Grizz were scheduled to play the Portola Tigers last Wednesday, but the game was cancelled due to weather.
   The lady Grizz split the double-header against the Herlong Vikings on April 24 in Herlong.
   The Grizz won the first game, 19-11, and lost the second game, 20-11.
In the first game of the double-header, the Grizzlies showed their comeback ability, being down by four runs going into the fourth inning, but they wouldn’t give up as they scored eight runs in the fourth and four runs in the fifth coming out on top and getting their second win of the season.
   The second game of the double-header would go in the Vikings favor. The intensity kept rising throughout the game, as it would come down to the last couple innings to decide the winner, but the Vikings weren’t going to let the Grizzlies win both games.
   The Grizzlies lost to the Chester Volcanoes on April 23 in Chester by a score of 28-0. The Volcanoes came out in the first innings swinging their bats, putting up 13 runs. Chester also score every inning after that and shut out the Grizzlies, ending the game in five innings.
   The Grizz were hoping to keep their momentum going heading into a double-header against the Big Valley Cardinals April 20, but the games were cancelled due to weather conditions. The games have been rescheduled to May 8 in Loyalton.
   After losing in a bad fashion in their first game of their season to the Greenville Indians, the Grizzlies returned the favor and got their first win of the season against the Indians April 16 in Greenville, winning 22-4. Meagan Misagal, Katelyn Wolf and Jamie Frietas led the team with three hits.
   Frietas also led the team in stolen bases with nine, followed by Wolf with six, and Misagal with four.
   The Grizzlies’ next game is schedule for today against the Quincy Trojans in Quincy.


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