Sports 3/12/10

Spring sports in full swing

By Maddi Morris
Sports Writer

  Springs sports are fully geared up with track, baseball and softball all practicing and readying for their first contests. However, there will be no golf team for the first time in about 10 years.
  Baseball has already won its first game at the Yerington tournament this weekend; the boys beat Fernley today, 3-1.
  Head coach Scott Thompson said he is looking forward to this season. He has a lot of help this year with Rick Roberti, George Thompson and Taylor   Thompson are all assisting. They have a good number of experienced returning players, and some younger players who are new to the game.   According to Thompson they have some good talent that just needs a little refreshing.
  Thompson’s main goal for this season is that the boys will respect and learn the game of baseball and will be successful. He is looking forward to seeing them play less as individuals and more as a team.
  They kicked off the season today in Yerington with a schedule against Fernley, ROP, Lee Vining and Coleville. Thompson said he was optimistic about this tournament. “I want to see them execute what they have learned this far, with the few practices they have had.” His main concern is that the younger players will not be mentally prepared for the games.
  Track coach Sue Gressel is really enthusiastic about this season. She has set a couple of goals for the team this year: to win at the league meet and to have some of the varsity players qualify for and participate at the section meet.
  She also wants to see the new players succeed and continue to play throughout high school.
  She is looking forward to the road trips with the team members and also to see them compete in new events. Many team members are trying new events this year, she said: some are doing running events who in the past only did throwing events and others are trying different jumping events. There is a good variety of people in the different events.
  The team is much larger this year, as well, with around 20 students. They are spread out in the different events and JV and varsity teams. Gressel said the team is already showing a lot of enthusiasm and new talent this year with the freshman and older students who have never joined before.
  She is extremely optimistic about the season and can’t wait to start it off with their first meet in Shasta Lake City on Mar. 27.
  Allison Gunier is coaching the Grizzlies softball team this year, and said she is really excited for the season but still has some first time high school coaching jitters.
  Her main goal this year is for the girls to all get along playing as a team and having fun. She hopes that the new players will learn a lot and that the returning players can improve their game.
  The team this year is a decent size with about 11 girls. Some of them have never played before but most of the girls have some experience. As any coach, she wants the team to win some games but said it’s more important to her if they’re just having a good time. She thinks this group has a lot of unknown talent that with a little work will take them far this season.
  Their first game is in two weeks and she is confident that they will be ready.

Varsity girls’ season ends in semifinals

By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter

  The varsity girls made it to the Division VI CIF Northern Section Semifinals level of playoffs Mar. 3, but with three of the 10 team members absent, they came up short. This was the first time in six years varsity girls have made it this far in playoffs.
  The Grizzlies beat the Providence Christian High School Lions Feb. 26 in the second round of the Division VI CIF Northern Section Playoffs, 45-43. Providence is located in Orland but the game was held at Corning High School in Corning.
  Both teams started the game with great intensity as it was neck and neck, and neither team would let the other slip away, as the Lions led by two at halftime. The Grizzlies came out strongly the second half and tied the score going into the fourth quarter, which held the same amount of intensity as both teams came out to win. The Grizzlies came out on top and went home and advanced to the next round.
  Bethany McHenry led the team with 15 points followed by Maddi Morris with nine and Hannah Redding with eight.
  The Grizzlies ended their season Mar. 5, in the third round of Division VI CIF Northern Section Playoffs, losing to the Butte Valley Bulldogs, 66-29, in Dorris at the Oregon border.
  The varsity girls’ defense in the first quarter couldn’t stop the Bulldogs’ offense, and they let them take an early first quarter 20-5 lead. The Grizz put on their press the second quarter, hoping that it would pull the score closer, but the Bulldogs were ready for it and put the Grizzlies in desperate mode to get the game close.
  The Grizz went into halftime dealing with a big deficit and hoping for a second half comeback.   The girls changed their defense and went to a man coverage the second half. This would prove to be the solution to stopping the scoring spree of the Bulldogs, but the Grizzlies couldn’t pull a miraculous comeback.
  Kelsey Scheckla led the team with 10 points followed by McHenry with seven, and Kayla Gressel with five.


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