Sports 2/11/10

Grizzlies play Portola tough

By Weston Roberti
Sports Editor

  Although the varsity girls lost, 44-36, and had the only loss of the night in the marathon against the Portola Tigers yesterday, the girls played great basketball and gave the Tigers everything they had. The JV girls also played well, setting the tempo for the night with a win in the first game against Portola.
  The varsity girls stuck with the Tigers the entire night, trailing by only six at halftime and taking the lead at the end of the third quarter with a score of 27-26. Portola pulled away in the fourth quarter, however, outscoring Loyalton 15-9, and giving Portola the only win of the night. Kelsey Scheckla played well with 13 points, Maddi Morris scored eight, Jessica Richards scored seven, and Hannah Redding and Kayla Gressell each scored four.
  The JV girls played a terrific game yesterday, defeating the Portola Tigers, 33-30, in a very exciting game. The game started out slowly for the Grizzlies, not being able to score at all in the first quarter and losing 10-0 at the end of the period.   After the slow start, the Grizzlies picked up the intensity and went on a 14-4 run to get back into the game. The game went back and forth from there on, but Loyalton gained the upper hand in the final seconds of the contest and held on to take the win. Miranda Gunier scored 12 points, and Meghan Gressell scored 11.
  The varsity girls went one for two with an additional tie in a scrimmage during the last two weeks.
  Whereas the JV girls and both boys teamed celebrated three wins against the Greenville Indians, the varsity girls took on a quickly assembled alumni team that consisted of a few names such as Daniel Price, Jennifer Scheckla, Courtney Knapp and Loyalton High’s own Ms. Meschery. Since the game did not need to be recognized as an official game for league and division standings, it was decided to call the game a tie, allowing both teams to have fun and also a chance to entertain the Winterfest games spectators.
  The Grizzlies lost 48-45 in a gripping overtime game to the Chester Volcanoes Feb. 2 at home. The Grizzlies and Volcanoes played neck and neck throughout the entire game, trailing by six at halftime, and rallying in the third and fourth quarters to outscore Chester, 22-16. The fourth quarter would turn out to be a battle for both teams, with both teams missing several opportunities to put the game in the bag and sending the game into overtime.   In the fifth period of the game, the Grizzlies were outscored 8-5, and Chester went home with the victory. Scheckla had a good game, scoring 14 points, and K. Gressel scored 11.
  The varsity girls had a better turn of events on Jan. 29 against the Quincy Trojans, winning 63-62 on a game winning freethrow by Richards. The Grizzlies had an excellent first half, leading 34-27 at halftime, but the Trojans fought back to come within two points of the Grizzlies. The fourth a close one, as the Trojans scored 20 and the Grizzlies 19. Due to a called foul at the end of the game with no time left on the clock, Richards was awarded two freethrows to try and seal the game for Loyalton. She didn’t need two shots, however, rattling in the first shot to give the Grizzlies a win. Hannah Redding played well, scoring 15 points and also went 7-10 from the freethrow line. Bethany McHenry scored 14, Richards scored 11 and Morris scored 10.
  The JV girls cruised to two easy victories during the past two weeks, and also showed that they could perform under pressure at the end of intense games.
  The JV girls defeated the Greenville Indians, 39-19, last Friday. The girls played strong throughout the entire game, leading 20-15 at halftime, and then kicking their game into a higher gear only allowing four points in the second half. Gressell led the Grizzlies with 13 points, and Griselda Lizarde scored eight.
  The JV girls played a great game last Tuesday at home, defeating the Chester Volcanoes, 59-46. The Grizzlies won with a constant scoring attack, averaging 15 points in the first three quarters and dropping only one point to 14 in the fourth. The girls also had a good game, matching their 12 turnovers with 12 steals on the defensive side of the game. Kolbi Johnson had a solid game, scoring 15 points with two assists. Gressel and Lizarde both played well, as Gressell scored 12 points, and Lizarde scored 11 with seven rebounds. Gunier also had nine points.
  The junior varsity had a bit more of a challenge with the Quincy Trojans but won with a score of 47-44. The entire game was close, as the Trojans would not allow the Grizzlies to get a commanding lead all the way through the game, making the Grizzlies play hard to the very end. Lizarde and Gresell both played excellent games, as Lizarde scored 19 and Gressell scored 17. Kolbie Johnson scored six and Veronica Renteria scored five, giving Loyalton the few points needed to win.

Both boys teams handle Portola

By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

  The varsity boys went 3-1 in the last few weeks in their league games against Quincy, Chester, Greenville and Portola. The boys won at home Jan. 29, 43-35, against Quincy. The Grizzlies played hard against the Trojans, outscoring them every quarter except the second when both teams scored 10.
  They ended the first half with great momentum; however, the Trojans were just tailing behind, 19-15. The boys kept up this intensity through the second half, outscoring them once again in the third and fourth quarters.
  Dylon Gravelle led the team in scoring with 12 points. D.J. Hall had 10 and Tyler Charlton had nine. Alex Folchi was also a great asset this game, leading the team with rebounds.
  The Grizzlies lost to Chester here Feb. 3, 55-48.
  The boys started off strongly but they were outscored the first quarter, putting them behind from the start, 13-9. The boys poured it on the second quarter, ending the half 25-13 in Loyalton’s favor. This momentum did not carry them all the way through, because the Volcanoes pulled ahead and won the game.
  Gravelle led with 19 points, and Charlton followed with 12.
  The boys defeated Greenville at home Feb. 5, 67-22.
  They outscored them every quarter. At the half it was 29-13 and kept this up the entire game. Gravelle had 14 points and Truhett had 12.
  The Grizzlies Beat Portola last night at home, 60-47. The boys were slightly behind in the first quarter but caught up and pulled ahead in the second and really poured on the heat. Charlton had a total of 16 points with Gravelle right behind him with 15 and Hall with 14.
  The JV boys went 2-2 in the past few weeks, losing both to the Trojans and the Volcanoes, but beating both Greenville and Portola.
  They lost to Quincy at home Jan. 29, 53-31.
  Quincy poured on the heat from the start out scoring the Grizzlies 17-6 and continuing this through the half, ending with Loyalton trailing behind, 32-17. Zack Parker led the team with 11 points and Cash Grandi followed with six.
  Another tough loss for the boys was against Chester at home Feb. 3, 62-33.
  The Grizz started the game strongly, outscoring the Volcanoes’ 10-8, but then quickly fell behind in the second quarter when the Volcanoes outscored them, 22-3. The Grizzlies turned up the heat in the third quarter, but it wasn’t enough to catch up. Tommy Ketchum led the Grizzlies with 12 points, followed by Parker with seven.
  They beat the Greenville Indians at home Feb. 5, 66-30.
  The boys started the game very intensely outscoring the Indians every quarter except the fourth; however it was not enough for Greenville to catch up. Kendall Gunier led this game scoring a total of 15 points closely followed by Joe Peterman with 14 and Tyler Davis with 11.
  The Grizzlies beat the Portola Tigers last night at home, 65-53.
  The game was very tight from the beginning; however, the Grizzlies took the lead in the second quarter and carried this intensity through the rest of the game.
  Tyler Davis was a huge asset to the team this game, scoring 17 points, followed by Peterman with 16, Parker with 15 and Grandi with 13.


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