Sports 12/4/09

Basketball season off to a start

By Weston Roberti
Sports Editor

  The varsity girls basketball season is in full swing, with intense practices and a determination to be a team to be reckoned with this season. The team consists of six seniors, three juniors and sophomore Hannah Redding, who was brought up from the JV team to give the varsity girls some more support and depth on the roster.
  “I’m very excited to be on the team as a sophomore, and I look forward to a good season,” stated Redding.
  The rest of the team is also looking forward to a fun and exciting final year of basketball.
  “Our goals for the year are to win, play as a team, have fun, and win some more,” said Coach Julie Scheckla. “This team has ten girls that each bring a positive attribute to the team. Our practices will work on shooting, ball handling, and getting in shape so that we can run a lot.”
  “This year is going to be fantastic,” proclaimed senior Anne Renteria. “ My goal is to make at least one three-pointer in a game.”
  The varsity girls’ first games will be in the North Tahoe Tournament on Dec. 3,4 and 5, and their first home game will be December 8, against the North Tahoe Lakers.
I  In Bob Home’s first year as the coach of the JV girls team, it seems as if the girls are not scared or intimidated by Coach Home’s reputation of severe and fast-paced game play. With a total of 16 girls signed up to play on the team, Coach Home will have a lot of talent to choose from with the returning sophomores and new freshman.
  “Basketball is going great so far. We have a good coach, and I believe it’s going to be a good season,” said sophomore Carly Smith.
  “My goals for the year are for our team to have a great experience playing basketball together and to of course have fun,” said Jessica DeBerg. “The practices are very intense. We run a lot, work on plays, and are working on getting in shape so that we can run a lot in games.”
  The JV girls first game is today against the Muckers in Virginia City in a friendly exhibition.

Grizzly football ends with play offs

By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

  Grizzlies ended their football season with a loss in round one of playoffs, loosing to the Butte Valley Bulldogs Nov. 14, 42-34.
According to head Coach Virgil Weaver both teams started very strong, especially offensively, but the Grizzlies’ defense was lacking slightly from previous games.
  Both teams battled back and forth, leaving a tie at halftime, 20-20.
  The fight continued all the way until the end, when the Bulldogs took the lead after a few missed passes and fumbles by the Grizzlies.
  Weaver said that offensively Brody Ingle played an outstanding game and Seth Norris also had a good game. However, it was the offensive line that did an exceptional job blocking and creating holes for the running backs. The grizzlies’ strong point was definitely their offense this game, said Weaver.
  Jasper Whitley and Cheyenne Von Tour had exceptional games defensively, and the Grizzlies kicker Jose Ramirez did an outstanding job said Weaver, the best kicking he has seen all season from Ramirez.
  Weaver said he believes the fan support atthis game really made a difference to the players and the game. He said he hopes to see this kind of support in the seasons to come.
  The coaches and players finally said goodbye to graduating seniors: Teric Morris, quick guard and line backer; Tyler Charlton, defensive tackle; Norris, quarterback; and running back; Chris Massey, corner back; Ramirez, strong guard and kicker.
  Although they lost the game, Weaver said they left the year on a positive note and is very proud of this group of boys. Weaver said he has extremely enjoyed watching them grow as players and people while on the team.

Soccer season Officially over after awards

By Weston Roberti
Sports Editor

  Although the soccer season is officially over, the excitement and pride that the sport brought to Loyalton High School did not end until the awards were officially handed out to the players.
  Quinn Hilberg was awarded with the Feather River League Offensive MVP for the Grizzlies with 16 goals and 22 assists throughout the season.
Victor Carillo (who led the Grizzlies with 24 goals), D.J. Hall (with 21 goals), Antonio Lizarde and Alex Folchi were all awarded the first team all-league award.
  Kia Ingram and Randy Calvert made the all-league second team. Martin Lizarde, who was also chosen as a member of the all-league second team, led the team with a total of 73 saves as goalie.
Although the Grizzlies’ season ended with a disappointing playoff game in extra time, and the loss of five seniors, the team can look forward to next year with a possibility of 12 returning players.
  Kelly Hilberg is unsure if she will return as coach for the Grizzlies next year.


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