Sports 1/15/10

Varsity Boys optimistic about season

By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

  The Varsity boys had a tough game against Truckee losing once again by a landslide 67-36, Dec.18.
  The Grizzlies started the game with a strong zone defense said Coach Craig Sheridan. However, they could not carry this intensity through the second quarter.
  They ended the first half 37-20,with Truckee pulling way ahead.
  They continued to fall behind through the second half of the game. They had good rebounds, but Sheridan said he was disappointed with the number of turnovers.
  Sheridan said, “They just didn’t play with their energy and passion.”
  However, Sheridan is putting the pre-season loss behind him and being positive about the future. He said, ”It can only go up from here.”
JV boys stats were unavailable.

Lady Grizz ready for league to begin

By Weston Roberti
Sports Editor

  After an exciting preseason of basketball and finishing with a record of 5-3, the varsity girls are looking forward to a great season. In the Grizzlies’ wins of the season, the team is won by an average margin of 14.8 points.
  “We’ve improved a lot from last year and are getting better with game. I’m excited for the regular season to come and give it our best effort to beat teams like Portola,” said junior Jessica Renteria
  Jillian Lane added, “Our team comes from many different parts of the school, and we need to come together and not play like individuals, so that we can have a successful season.”
  The JV girls may not have seen a whole lot of action on the court during the preseason, playing only five games, but made the most of it winning three out of five games.
  “The girls showed a lot of heart throughout the entire beginning part of the season and I know that this is a group that has a lot more to show on the court,” said Coach Bob Home.
  “High school basketball is a lot different than middle school. It’s a lot harder and a lot more work, but I am still excited for the season to officially begin,” said freshman Kolbi Johnson.
  The next game for the JV girls is tonight against the Greenville Indians in Greenville. The varsity girls’ next game will be Jan. 20 at home where the Grizzlies will face off against the Downieville Warriors for the Grizzlies’ first game of the regular season.


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