Basketball coming soon

By Weston Roberti
Sports Editorsheridan

Loyalton High School basketball is right around the corner, and players have already begun practicing basketball skills, working out in order to get in shape, and mentally preparing for the upcoming season.
Open gym is up and running, giving all students and players the opportunity to have fun on the court, while getting in shape for the basketball season. Open gym starts at 6:30 every Tuesday and Thursday.
There have been a few coaching changes this year, but for the most part, fans can expect to see some of the same faces running practices and coaching on the court.
Coaching the junior varsity girls will be Bob Home. Home, who has coached the JV boys for the past five years, plans on having a very successful year and making a run for the league championship.
For the JV boys, Einen Grandi will be calling the plays as coach.
The team is very experienced, with a full squad of freshman boys that have, for the most part, been playing together as a team since the sixth grade. Now at the high school level, the freshmen will gain some experience from the returning JV players and will look to give Portola and Quincy a run for their money in the league standings.
The varsity girls will be coached by Julie Scheckla, who is in her second year of coaching at the varsity level. With the addition of many junior girls to the varsity lineup, the team looks to redeem the Lady Grizz’s name after a tough season last year and to build on the girls’ playoff win at the end of last season. Due to the need of players on the varsity team two years ago, a few of this year’s seniors were moved up to the varsity level as sophomores and were not given the chance to play ball with any of the junior girls outside of practice. A few of the girls have already begun rigorous conditioning through an online workout exercise called “Insanity”, which focuses on core conditioning and is part of a 60-day course.
Craig Sheridan will coach the varsity boys once again, making it his fourth consecutive year. The varsity boys look to bounce back from a second round loss in playoffs. The team could possibly have eleven seniors returning for the new season, with new additions of a few juniors.

Grizzlies head to playoffs

By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

Two wins on the Grizzlies’ record in the last two weeks sending them to playoffs.
They beat the Champion Christian Mustangs, 34-18, on Nov. 7 at home.
According to Coach Virgil Weaver, the boys started the game off rather flatly. They were scoring points, but they weren’t playing the top of their game. Weaver said it wasn’t until late second quarter that they picked up their game to their potential.
securedownload-1Weaver said the Mustangs are a very explosive team and could have caught up, “but it was our unbelievable defense that made the difference in the game.”
According to Weaver, it was a very clean game with the best sportsmanship from both teams all season. He said a large part of this was because of the positive environment head Coach Dan Henry of the Mustangs created with inspiring words prior to the game.
There have also been more crowd turnout and participation, which Weaver believes makes a big difference for the player’s performance.
The Grizzlies took another win Oct.31 against the Princeton Eagles, 54-14.
The boys’ confidence was at an all time high this game, said Weaver, which truly made it possible for them to dominate this game.
The offense has an exceptional game with the most yards all season, and the defense was also on top of their game, according to Weaver.
This game provided an opportunity for some of the younger players like Tyler Davis to get in and get some experience on the field, said Weaver. It was freshman Tyler Davis’ first game. Some other players who got more playing time this game were sophomore Zack Parker and freshmen Austin DeBerg and Sheldon DeBerg.
The playoff game is Saturday at home, against Butte Valley, where the Grizzlies will try to knock off the Bulldogs after a loss in Butte valley in the regular season.

Volleyball struggles in league play

By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter

The Lady Grizz lost, 3-1, to the Quincy Trojans, Nov. 5 at home. The first match was hard fought throughout by both teams, but the Trojans started to gain momentum after a17-17 score, and pulled away with the victory, 25-17. The Grizzlies weren’t going down without a fight, though took the momentum back in the second match, holding off the Trojans to take a 25-23 win.securedownload
After the stunning loss, the Trojans needed to build their confidence back up, but the Grizzlies weren’t going to let that happen too easily. The third match held a lot of intensity and both teams looked determined to get the win, but the Trojans kept their composure and came away with a 25-20 win. The fourth match followed in suit, with Quincy taking another win away from the Grizz by a score of 25-19.
The Loyalton High Grizzlies did not fare too well in their last two games.
The Grizzlies lost to the Greenville Indians Nov. 3, 3-0, in Greenville. They started the first match slowly by letting the Indians take a commanding lead and win the match 25-10.
As the Grizzlies tried to gain the momentum in the second match to overcome the first loss, they stayed together as a team and played strongly but came up short of the win, losing, 25-19.
The Grizzlies needed a win in the third match to keep all hopes alive, but the Indians crushed all hopes of the Grizz as they win the match 25-20.


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