Sports 10/30/09


By Weston Roberti
Sports Editor

  The Loyalton Grizzlies faced the Redding Christian Lions of the EvergreenAntonio! League on   Tuesday for the section playoff game. The game would turn out to be one of the Grizzlies’ most exciting games of the year, needing extra time to determine the winner.
  The game was intense and full of action from the very beginning, but with the extra time, the Lions would finally defeat the Grizzlies with a score of 5-3. The assist leader for the Grizzlies, Quinn Hilberg, found his teammates again for the three goals. Victor Carrillo scored two incredible goals, and Antonio Lizarde had an amazing header off a corner kick by Hilberg.
  The first half excitement would be the end to the Grizzlies offense, however, with the Lions scoring four unanswered goals: two in the regular duration of the game, and two in the extra periods.
  The Loyalton Grizzlies soccer season in league has consisted of an undefeated record against all league opponents other than the Quincy Trojans. The Grizzlies went 0-2 against the Trojans in the regular season, but the Grizzlies were given another opportunity to beat the Trojans as the two teams faced off for the league title last Saturday, in Quincy.
  Although the Grizzlies entered the game feeling as if this was the game to finally beat Quincy, the history of the teams’ meetings throughout the year repeated itself, with the Grizzlies falling short once again to the Trojans with a score of
  The Trojans took command of the game early on, scoring three goals in the first fifteen minutes of play. While the scoreboard showed differently, the Grizzlies feel as if they dominated the game after the early meltdown on defense. Martin Lizarde had an incredible game as goalie, blocking 19 goals and only allowing Quincy one more goal late in the game. Quinn Hilberg had the only goal for the Grizzlies again, scoring late in the game to put the Grizzlies on the scoreboard.
  The Grizzlies annihilated the Portola Tigers in a shutout during the Grizzlies’ first league playoff game.
  Martin Lizarde was terrific for the Grizzlies on defense, blocking 14 attempted shots from the Tigers and not allowing a single goal. Victor Carrillo continued his strong offensive surge against the Portola defense, leading the Grizzlies with three goals in the game.
  D.J. Hall played very well once again with two goals, and Alex Folchi and Quinn Hilberg each scored.
  The Grizzlies lost a tough game Oct. 20 to the Quincy Trojans 6-1 in Quincy, in a critical game deciding the league leader heading into playoffs. Hilberg had the only goal of the game for Loyalton.


By Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

  The Grizzlies are 1-1 for the season’s last two weeks.Tyler's catch
They beat the Greenville Indians Oct. 21, 46-44.
  The team as a whole started very strongly and held this strength the entire game. Coach Virgil Weaver said he was extremely proud of the team:  “They poured their hearts out on that field and played their game for four complete quarters for the first time this season. Even the coaches were on their best game, calling perfect plays and reading the Indians every move.”
  A few of the players who scored were Jasper Whitley, Brody Ingle, Connor Thompson, and Seth Norris, but it was the outstanding performance from the offensive lines blocking that truly made a difference in the Grizzlies’ successes, said Weaver. “It really took the whole team to make it happen.”
  Weaver also said he believes the defense played the best it has in a long time.
  Late in the game the defense stopped a major offensive play and the Grizzlies took control of the game from then on.
  It was still a very close game, but Weaver said boys set their minds on winning and finishing the game.
  The Grizzlies lost to Herlong at home Oct. 16, 28-16.
According to defensive coach Scott Thompson, both defense and offense started off strongly and carried this momentum through the first quarter.
  “Their heads weren’t really in it and they didn’t play their game,” said Thompson.
  “The first few possessions had good ball control, but after that they sputtered,” said Thompson.
  “After that they began to just fall apart with many penalties and turnovers. They just couldn’t get back on track once they started to fall behind.”
  Tyler Charlton had the first touchdown early in the game, leaving the score at halftime 16-8.
Thompson said the adjustments they made at the half just didn’t working.
  Teric Morris made one final touchdown in the end of the game, but it wasn’t enough to catch them up.
  Thompson said he and the other coaches are not going to let this loss get them down for the rest of the season.


By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter

A good pass   The Grizzlies’ past couple games have been well fought, but very tough to deal with.
  The Grizzlies lost to Portola Tigers, 3-0, Tuesday at home. The Grizzlies started the first match with a lot of intensity, but the Tigers wouldn’t give in, winning the match, 25-10. The second match was an intense battle until the end, and it looked as if the Grizz would win, but Portola kept on fighting and would win, 25-20. The Tigers limited the Grizzlies to only 12 points in the third match going on to win, 25-12.
  The Lady Grizzlies lost to Chester Volcanoes, 3-0, Oct. 22 at Chester High School. The Volcanoes came out on fire in the first match, beating the Grizzlies 25-11. The Grizz started off strongly the second match, but the Volcanoes stayed together as a team and would win the match 25-19. In the final match, the Grizzlies started off slowly, falling behind 11-3. The Volcanoes would go onto win by a score of 25-18.
  The Grizzlies lost to the Quincy Trojans, 3-0, Oct.20 at Quincy HighFun on the court School.   The first match was tough for the Grizzlies, losing to the Trojans 25-11. Loyalton came out determined to win the second match, but the Trojans stayed strong and would out-rally the Grizz in a winning effort by a score of 25-20.
  The Grizzlies needed to win the third match to keep the game going, but the Trojans gained an early lead and wouldn’t look back, going onto win 25-15.


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