Sports 10/16/09


soccerWeston Roberti
Sports Editor

    After slipping into second place two weeks ago with a loss to the Quincy Trojans, the Loyalton Grizzlies looked to keep the running for first place in league a close battle. The Grizzlies have won three consecutive games, keeping the pressure on the Trojans along with holding off the third place Portola Tigers.
    The Grizzlies triumphed with a score of 6-5 in the crucial game against the Tigers in Portola Wednesday and moved one game closer to playing Quincy for first place in the league. Victor Carrillo played a great game, scoring three big goals for the Grizzlies with two in the second half.            
Quinn Hilberg scored two goals in the game, and D.J. Hall scored one. Miguel Hernandez also had a good game with eight blocked shots between the goal posts.
    Loyalton defeated Squaw Valley Academy with a final score of 9-3 Oct. 9 in Loyalton. The Grizzlies had a terrific first half, scoring seven goals and holding Squaw Valley to only one. Hall had another terrific game, leading the Grizzlies with three goals. Quinn Hilberg and Carrillo also played well, scoring two goals apiece, and Antonio Lizarde and Randy Calvert also joined the action, adding one goal each.
    The Grizzlies played an awesome game Oct. 7, defeating Plumas Christian for the second time in league with a score of 12-0. The Grizzlies started the blowout early on, scoring seven goals in the first half. Hall led the Grizzlies, playing another great game and scoring four goals. Hilberg and Alex Folchi also performed well, as Hilberg had three assists and Folchi had two assists and two goals apiece. Antonio Lizarde, Kia Ingram, Matt Wilson and Victor Carrillo all had one goal each in the game.
    “The team was awesome,” said Coach Hilberg. “They did everything I asked in passing the ball around and getting everyone involved in the game, and our defense was back to full force. Our team really does include some excellent athletes not only with their athleticism, but with their sportsmanship as well.”
     The Grizzlies lost an exciting and very intense game to the Quincy Trojans with a score of 5-4 Oct. 2 in Loyalton, dropping into second place in the league standings. The Grizzlies gave up a quick goal to the Trojans to start the game but rallied back to take a lead of 3-1 early in the first half with two amazing goals from Hilberg and another from Hall. Quincy wasn’t finished in this half, however, as it too would play hard and go into halftime with a tie game of 3-3.
      The Trojans came out hot in the second half, and took a 5-3 lead. Lizarde made the game a one-score game with a terrific shot from midfield. The Grizzlies continued to play hard but the team ran out of time to give Quincy the win.




By Connor Thompson
Sports Reporter
     The Loyalton Grizzlies lost to the Greenville Indians 3-0 yesterday in Loyalton. The Grizzlies started off strongVB'Yearbook'LR%20(8)[1] taking a 9-5 lead early in the first match, but the Indians fought back to win 25-15. After the comeback win in the first match by the Indians the Grizzlies never got into a good rhythm offensively or defensively, falling behind early in both matches.  The second and third match would follow in suit, with losses of 25-16 and 25-8 against the Indians.
       The Lady Grizzlies played the Portola Tigers Oct. 8 in Portola. They had a much-improved game but lost by a score of 3-1. The first match looked as if Portola would cruise to an easy win: as the Tigers won by a score of 25-15. The Grizzlies would not go down without a fight however, stunning the Tigers and the Portola crowd with a 25-23 win. After the shocking loss in the second match the Tigers decided to get down to business and beat the Grizzlies in the following two matches by scores of 25-11 and 25-13.
       The Loyalton Grizzlies lost to the Chester Volcanoes Oct. 6 at home by a score of 3-0. The Grizzlies had a decent start but couldn’t stop the Volcanoes from taking control, as the Volcanoes would win the first match 25-15. The Lady Grizz started off slowly the second match, with the Volcanoes taking an 8-2 lead and beating the Grizzlies 25-9. Hoping for a comeback, the Grizzlies needed a strong start to overcome the deficit; however, they couldn’t pull it off, losing 25-11.
    The Grizzlies next game will be next Tuesday in Quincy.
  “We know it’s going to be  a hard game, but we’re planning on working hard to prepare and give Quincy a fight for the game,” said player Emily Loveridge.



securedownloadBy Maddi Morris
Sports Reporter

    The Grizzlies’ football team had a hard couple of weeks with two close losses.
    They lost to the Westwood Lumberjacks Oct. 9, 22-14. Head coach Virgil Weaver thought it was another amazing defensive game. The defensive line held the Lumberjacks, leaving them with only two touchdowns at the half, and a score of 16-14. The Lumberjacks then had several interceptions, preventing Grizzly touchdowns.
    After the Grizzlies lost their tight end Dylon Gravelle to a knee injury mid-game, it was hard to keep the momentum up. They stayed strong, though, according to Weaver but they let another touchdown go to the Lumberjacks in the fourth quarter.
    Losing by only one touchdown, Weaver was still impressed with the boys’ hard work and effort even though they ended up losing.
According to Weaver, he and the team are still optimistic about the rest of the season and plan to finish strongly.
    The Grizzlies lost to Liberty Christian October 1st, 34-22 in Redding. The boys started off the game strong. The game was very tight from both teams, making it extremely hard to get into the end-zone. It was the first time the offensive line played as a unit, said Weaver, and they did well throughout the first half. It was the exceptional defense that kept the game alive with a lot of help from Teric Morris and Jasper Whitley.
    The score was 18-12 at the half with Liberty Christian ahead. After the half the defense continued to do well, but lost heart toward the end, losing the game.
    Weaver said the loss wouldn’t affect their future. ” If these boys continue to play the way they have been, they will hands down win league, but they have to want it.”


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