Op/Ed 5/14/10

Sheriff candidates share vision and county goals

By Niecea Freeman
Roar Writer

  The county election on June 8 has concerned citizens wondering whom they will vote for sheriff-coroner of Sierra County for the next four years. Ballots have been sent out to all registered voters, who are buzzing with debates about incumbent John I. Evans and challengers Tim Standley and John Fatheree.
  Evans has been involved in the law enforcement profession for 22 years, including service in areas such as Orange County and La Habra California before he began his career in Sierra County in 1990 as deputy sheriff-coroner. Since then Evans has climbed the ladder in department responsibility and was elected sheriff-coroner in 2006; this year Evans is running again with the same promise to the county as the years he served and protected before: “to continue his dedication to being a tireless, fair and effective worker for you and his staff.”
  “I am not going to quit you,” said Evans. “I have lived and worked on both sides of this county. I dedicate myself…to work very hard for you and I will continue to lead the sheriff’s office to strive to provide you with the highest level of service and professionalism, with compassion, humanity and pride.”
  Evans’ future plans for the county include increasing funding for public safety and services within the county, obtaining additional staffing, fighting illegal drugs without hesitation, supporting juvenile activities, and doing the same thing every Sierra County Sheriff has done since 1852: “Keep the Peace”.
  Standley, the current sheriff sergeant of Sierra County—with 24 years experience in law enforcement—plans to bring leadership, commitment and trust to the community and provide the citizens of Sierra County a Sheriff’s Department they can be proud of.
  “I attended school and grew up here in the community,” said Standley, whose goals for the future strongly focus on bringing together and preserving the home and county he loves.
  “My intention is to provide a sense of order, humanity, as well as use of discretion. Law enforcement is not black and white; there is a human side to policing, which allows officers to use good judgment and prudence when making decisions on a daily basis.
  “I’m only making one promise to the citizens of Sierra County and that is to ‘Do the very best job I can.’ One should not make promises that they cannot keep. The promise I make is a promise I can deliver on.”
  Something refreshing about this candidate’s plans for the area is a set standard about the community’s finances by eliminating wasteful spending in these lean economic times and making sure tax dollars are spent in the most effective manner.
  The final candidate Fatheree is also a community man, owning a home in Sierra Brooks, where he lives with his family.
Fatheree has been dedicated to law enforcement for over tens years, with prior military service through the United States Air Force. If elected, Fatheree wants to shine a spotlight on enforcement, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, accountability and a community focus.
  The first tasks would include reunifying the sheriff’s office, updating training for entire staff for immaculate performance and reintroducing the community law enforcement into the community.
  “My main goal of re-introducing the sheriff’s office into the schools is important to me. I would like to lift the shroud from the deputies allowing them to be more accessible and approachable to the students,” said Fatheree.
  This reporter feels that it should be noted that while investigating this story, of the e-mails sent to each of the candidates for a statement to the students at LHS, Evans did not respond, Fatheree responded a week later, and Standley replied the very next day. Efficiency counts and shows the dedication and caring for the county, even for its youngest members.


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