Op/Ed 2/11/10

Lots of creative alternatives for demonstrating caring

It’s possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way. Internet sources report unique ideas—ways to show how much you care about your family and friends.

  • Make up a batch of heart-shaped pancakes for a yummy Valentine’s breakfast or brunch. Just pour the batter in the frying pan in a free-form heart shape and serve with strawberries and whipped cream.
  • Insert candy surprises into balloons before inflating them – add a folded-up Valentine’s message then inflate each balloon. Tie with a red ribbon and attach to your family chairs for each family member
to find Valentine’s morning.
  • Make heart-shaped cookies with names scribed on them.
  • Give a hand-made coupon for some work you can do to free up some time for your parents. Examples are a coupon good for cleaning dad’s garage or for a full-house vacuuming for your mom How about a coupon for your best friend – you can walk her dog or offer to clean her room one evening.
  • Write up little notes about qualities your friends have and stick them in their lockers.
  • Visit the convalescent hospital to pass out small Valentine surprises to the residents. They will enjoy the care and attention from something so unexpected.
  • No one special to share Valentine’s Day with? Sure you have! You! Pamper yourself with something you’ve been wanting.
  • Sneak in love notes and chocolate kisses in your sweetheart’s or children’s cereal for a sweet surprise.
  • Leave notes for your family in unexpected places, like “You’re a blessing!” or “I’m fortunate to have you as a sister!”
  • Buy or make a batch of fortune cookies (visit the website http://www.whimsies-online.com/valentine.htm for recipes!) and add your own little words of love.
  • Start a chain letter. Write a nice note to a friend and ask her to pass it on to the next friend by putting it in her locker. Do this all day—keep the love flowing.
  • Plan some community work: help out at the local shelter, volunteer at your local church, work with other volunteers to spread some caring amongst your community. Shovel snow or sweep someone’s sidewalk.
  • Spend some quality fun time with your niece or nephew or other child in your family.
  • Call your favorite aunt whom you haven’t seen since she moved far away or your best friend who transferred to another country. Let them know you’re thinking of them this Valentine’s Day.
  • Have you wanted that delicate pair of earrings for a while but kept putting off the purchase? Give yourself a special Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Write a poem for your friend and put it in a frame—or just on a nice card.
  • Can’t write? Try out the poem generator online at http://www.whimsies-online.com/valentine.htm for fun!
  • Can’t use a computer? Find a poem you like in your English textbook and copy it neatly on paper. Add a personal touch and decorate the poem.

Remember, the possibilities are endless.


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