News 04/16/10

LHS feeling great loss

Devin Michael Tygard

Devin Michael Tygard (February 12, 1993 - April 11, 2010)

By Ashley Cabrera

Loyalton High School junior Devin Tygard died of suicide Sunday. This tragedy has shaken LHS, as well as the community of Sierra Valley.
A memorial service is set for tomorrow at the elementary school at 1 p.m.
Tygard participated in soccer this year and was known for his high energy out on the field during the soccer season.
“Devin was a very coachable athlete who gave 100%,” commented his soccer coach Kelly Hilberg. “He asked for coach evaluations, regularly. He saw self-improvement, which motivated him to try harder every day. He is the only athlete who has ever thanked me for allowing him to play soccer. He is greatly missed.”
Students came together Monday night at Senior D.J. Hall’s house to honor memories students shared with Tygard. “It was powerful being able to come together as a student body,” said Alex Folchi. “I feel like it really brought the school closer.”
“He was an amazing person and he was always there for everyone,” said Kendra Deal, who attended the student gathering. “He will truly be missed.”
Art teacher Laura Calabrese expressed her feelings about the tragic loss of a friend. “I loved Devin from the bottom of my heart. He always brightened my day and made me laugh. I can’t understand this tragedy, but my sincere desire is that we will all learn a very valuable lesson from both his life and his death. Devin, I will miss you every single day.”
Calabrese also recalls how much Tygard enjoyed art. “He loved art and loved creating things and even made his own art portfolio.”
“He will be greatly missed by all his friends and family,” added Colton Cunha.
Tygard was the kind of person who had the courage to be friends with everyone. He touched every single person in some way or another. All his friends have only the best thoughts of Devin in mind.
Brody Ingle explained how Tygard had the ability to understand what was wrong with students when they were upset before they even told him.
Ingle added that Tygard had a way of making people feel like everything was going to be all right.
Kirsten Goldsmith shared a similar experience. “He was always a great friend, and he knew exactly what I was thinking before I said a word, which made him know when he was needed. He would drop what he was doing and help me out. I could always go to him and talk to him knowing he wouldn’t judge me on it. He was the best friend I’ve ever had.”
Tygard had a passion for snowboarding, and all his friends can recall at least one memory involving his love of the sport.
“Devin was a great guy, and was such a great person to hang with. I will dearly miss him,” noted Jasper Gonzalez.
S Club recently held Friendship Day on Thursday, a day planned for manymonths, dedicated to celebrating friends. A vase was available for students to put friendship bracelets for both Tygard and Cory Kee, who died in February.
Students at LHS agree that they have lost a bright spirit, one who was not afraid to be himself. Although Tygard has said goodbye for now, he will continue to live on through the memory of all those who knew him.
“Devin was one of the most funniest people I knew. He was always there no matter what and would cheer me up when I was down. I will miss him so much! I love you, Devin. See you later,” Jessica Deberg stated.
Senior D.J. Hall has turned to a quote by an anonymous author to deal with the loss of a dear friend.    “Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.”


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