News 3/12/10

S Clubs set events at Portola High

By Molly Beaver
Roar Reporter

  For the first time area S Clubs will be holding a prom dress exchange on Mar. 27 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Portola High School’s library. The event is titled Operation Prom Dress.
  Even though the idea for the dress exchange came from Loyalton’s S Club, it was decided that the newly formed S Club in Portola would be the more logical host for the event that will be offered to girls from Loyalton, Portola and Quincy.
  Girls will be able to exchange a dress for another one for no cost—or will be able to purchase one for a very low price.
  Girls with dresses, shoes, or accessories to donate for the exchange can bring them to Janet McHenry, room 100 by 3 p.m. by Mar. 24. Girls need to make certain that their dresses are clean, in good condition, and on a hanger. Girls donating shoes and accessories are expected to either have them in a box or a clear plastic bag. Girls should also have their names attached to their donations.
  Those who donate will receive a ticket that can be used to buy items at the exchange, which will begin at 9 a.m. Mar. 27. For anyone who did not donate but would like to purchase a dress or shoes, the exchange will be open to them from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.   Dresses can be purchased for donation of $10 and shoes for $5. When the dress exchange ends, any leftover merchandise will be sold to benefit service projects for S Club.
  McHenry said it is, “an opportunity for girls to get a beautiful dress at a reasonable price” and “an opportunity for Loyalton girls to get to know girls from Quincy and Portola.” She said that the motto for S Club is “best for women and girls” and that “in these economic times we need to be thinking of creative ways to make student life less expensive for families who may be struggling.”
  When asked if the dress exchange could encourage students to go to prom McHenry said, “It could because part of the challenge for students is the overall expense.”

Joint efforts raise funds for Kee family

By Alex Folchi
News Reporter

  The LHS Future Farmers of America and Drama Club last night presented a joint venture called   “Help Us Help Them Together,” a benefit in memory of Cory Kee, which brought in over $2,000 in proceeds, all of which will go to the Kee family to help with medical and other expenses. The event was informally known as “For Black Coffee and Cookies,” Cory’s monologue title and his nickname.
  FFA served a spaghetti dinner and the Drama Club performed various monologues, duets, poems and other such dramatic productions.
  Also supporting the event were many community members—Dennis and Laurie Marsh, who donated meat for meatballs; Dianne Bruns, who helped in the drama department; Vicki Barney, who donated a dessert; and many others who gave auction items.   Drama Club members who performed at the event were the following: Quinn Hilberg, Rachel Huebert, Jessica Mitchell, Lang Weaver, Sam La Bono, Sierra Little, Sara Frazier, Sarah Hlavaty and Emily Loveridge. Dianne Bruns also performed during the production.
  When asked about how the idea of the benefit in memory of Kee came about, FFA and Drama Club Advisor Bill Loveridge said, “Because Cory’s biggest involvement in school was in FFA and drama, it only seemed natural to get the two groups together in an event to benefit the Kee family.”


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