News 2/26/10

Students eulogize Kee

School Prayer for Cory Kee

School Prayer for Cory Kee

By Angelina Folchi
  Tragedy struck an LHS student and his family on Saturday when junior Cory Kee passed away at Renown Regional Medical Center. A memorial service will be held at 12 p.m., Saturday, in the LHS gym.
  Kee, who was very involved in FFA and Drama Club, was known well by Bill Loveridge. “Cory will be sorely missed,” he said. “He was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever taught and he had great plans for the future.” He also said that Cory had an off-center sense of humor, which he sometimes used to help him get by.
  Cory’s close friends were shaken by the news, but they had nothing but good things to say of Kee. Sarah Hlavaty said she wants everyone to know that “although Cory might not have had a ton of friends, those he was friends with he loved with everything he had, and every day with him was full of jokes and laughter. I’ve loved him as a brother for six years, and he will always be the brother of my heart.”
  Another close friend of Kee was fellow Drama Club member Jessica Mitchell. She remembers that Kee was always trying to make others laugh, no matter what the situation was. “He would probably want us to be laughing now.”

Cory Grant Kee

  “I will miss him terribly; even all those crazy noises he made in art,” Jessica DeBerg added. “Cory was one of those people who never let anyone bring him down.”
Rebecca Gavin, sophomore, said, “He wasn’t afraid to express his opinion, no matter who you were.”
  “If you were feeling bad,” Zoe Studer recalled, “Cory would always try to make you laugh and lighten the mood,”
  Lacey Humbert simply stated, “He had a way of making people smile.”
  Everyone who knew Cory would say that he was a great person and loving friend. In losing him, LHS has lost one of the funniest and most positive students in the school.
Buckets have been set up around town to collect money for the Kee family. Additional fundraising ideas are on hold, pending family preference. The best way for students to help the family is by putting extra change in the buckets.
  Even though Cory left this world at a young age, his loved ones are determined not to let him leave their hearts and souls. As Jessica DeBerg said, “Rest in peace, buddy.”


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