News 12/18/09

Hale is Olympic contender

By Jillian Lane
News Reporter

  Jayson Hale a 2004 graduate, was only four years old when he becoming a future athlete. He started out on skis and got a lot of practice on them, because his mother worked at Squaw Valley.
  After about a year he watched his cousin Nye snowboarding and decided he wanted to try that on for size. Once he was about six or seven, he started competing in Alpine racing (in between the flags) with extreme speed. Once he turned 14, he joined the Alpine A. snowboarding team. To fulfill this commitment he went on independent study only during the winter months. He kept competing in the USASA (United States of American Snowboarders Association) winter thirty zones.
  At the age of 15, he competed and won the nationals for the Boarder cross US team. And at the age 18, he won the Junior World Cup; he rode for the US A. team. Shortly after he competed in the Xgames twice, earned him two bronze metals.
  His greatest achievement has been to make it to the 2006 winter Olympics team in boarder cross, however as he was practicing at the Olympics in Bardonecchia, Italy he went off a jump wrong tearing his ACL and not being able to compete.
  But that didn’t stop him said Mike Hale, Jayson’s father of Sierraville, CA. ”After three surgeries later, he’s now currently training for the next Olympics and is going to compete in the two World Cups in Vancouver.”
  Some other random things that Jayson has accomplished in his past was being in the movie Jack Frost, being one of the stuntmans and taking a bike ride all the way from Alaska to the tip of South America.

FNL planning New Year’s celebration

By Niecea Freeman
Roar Writer

  Friday Night Live will be celebrating the New Year at LHS on Dec. 31 from 8 pm to 1 am. Members—and their one guest—will participate in various activities such as: Wii tournaments, basketball, a dance, movies, and a balloon drop at midnight to top it all off. An invitation is needed in order to get inside.
  FNL is dedicated to offering drug and alcohol free alternatives to kids within the Loyalton community.
  “I am really excited about the movie and popcorn!” said Anne Renteria. The feature for the evening will be the new release Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
  Ashley Cabrera said that she was looking forward to doing something different for a change and is excited to experience the New Year with her friends.


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