Seniors are preparing for project presentations

By Angelina Folchi
Roar Reporter

  To receive their diplomas, all seniors are required to choose a senior project to study, write a paper on, and present to a panel of judges. The presentations will be on May 26 at LHS. Seniors signed up for 30-minute time slots during which they will launch into formal speeches, demonstrations and discussions with panels of judges.
  The judges are still being confirmed by LHS career technician Amy Filippini. “The judges are typically parents of juniors so they can get an idea of what the presentations should be like,” said senior project advisor Janet McHenry.
  These adults will be looking at the content of the presentation, the way the seniors deliver it, and the originality of the project. Anyone is allowed to attend the presentations, but they must stay in one classroom until the senior is finished.
  At the beginning of the school year, all seniors decided on a topic to study and a mentor to help them. They were required to spend a total of 20 hours improving their skills or knowledge with the mentor. This year, the topics range from photography to auto mechanics to jewelry making.
  The entire senior project is made up of three components: the research paper, the project activity, and the oral presentation. There’s also a portfolio that is made up of a senior project brochure, a letter of intent, a professional resume, a senior project resume, project verification by mentor, project self-evaluation, presentation evaluation and the research paper.
  Some seniors, like Weston Roberti and Kelsey Scheckla, studied subjects that have always interested them and will most likely apply to their lives after college.
  Others chose projects that are more leisurely. Chris Massey learned how to make pens, pencils, and wine corks with wood turning, while Zuleima Rojas learned how to salsa dance.
  D.J. Hall learned how to play the acoustic guitar this year. He was mentored by his dad Ron Hall, who has been playing the guitar for 15 years. Hall said that at his presentation, he’s probably going to play what he learned and talk about the different parts of the guitar. He enjoyed playing this instrument and said he might play it occasionally when he has spare time.
  Throughout the past few years different types of dancing have been very popular with seniors. For her project Sarah Hlavaty attended weekly hiphop dance classes at Art in Motion in Reno. “They gave me videos to practice from, so…my practicing was done at home.” Hlavaty’s routine for her presentation will consist of a combination of what she learned in class and original dance moves. “You have to incorporate your own style,” Hlavaty said. She said she plans to take more dance classes at Humboldt State next year.
  With Kenny Bennett as his mentor, Quinn Hilberg studied psychology and peer counseling as his senior project. He was taught about the benefits of peer counseling. “I’ve learned that talking helps. Everybody needs someone to talk to.” Hilberg also said that he isn’t allowed to legally counsel anyone, but he can talk as a friend. Psychology may be something that he wants to study in college.


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