Features 2/26/10

Emily Loveridge: National Merit Finalist

  In April of the students’ junior year, high-scoring participants from every state are invited to name two colleges or universities to which they would like to be referred by NMSC. Such a designation at that time typically means that the high-scoring students are deluged with brochures, catalogs and other marketing materials from colleges all over the country—colleges who competitively recruit Finalists so as to elevate their national standing. This was certainly true for Loveridge, who has donated boxes of college materials to LHS this year.
  In September, these high scorers are notified through their schools that they have qualified as either a Commended Student or Semifinalist. Finally, in February of their senior year, the 15,000 Semifinalists are notified by mail at their home addresses that they have advanced to Finalist standing. High school principals are notified and provided with a certificate to present to each Finalist.
  Finalists are then considered for scholarship awards. Beginning next month NMSC will notify approximately 8,200 Finalists that they have been selected to receive a Merit Scholarship award. Merit Scholarship awards are of three types: the National Merit $2,500 Scholarships, which are awarded on a state representational basis; corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarships; and college-sponsored Merit Scholarships. It is not unusual for   National Merit Finalists to receive scholarships that basically meet all their educational expenses for four or more years of undergraduate study.
  Loveridge has applied to many colleges, including her top choices of Williams

  College in Williams, Massachusetts, and the University of Chicago. She has been accepted, so far, at several other universities.
Her goals are to study creative writing and to do an exchange for at least a year at a university in England, so that she can study British literature more intensely.

  Ultimately, she would like to write and edit books.
Loveridge is the daughter of William and Susan Loveridge, who have served, respectively, as the agriculture teacher at LHS and a substitute teacher. Emily is the last of their three children.
She has been also been active in student activities at LHS—volleyball, track, Drama Club, “S” Club, and Future Farmers of America—and has logged hundreds of hours of community service. She would confess, however, that her ultimate activity is, of course, reading.


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