Features 1/15/10

Finals require preparation

By Sarah Hlavaty
Features Editor

  As finals week comes closer, many LHS students fret over working study time into hectic schedules so they can ace their tests or at least earn a passing grade. One of the worst things a student can do is stay up late into the night before a test, frantically cramming and missing out on a good night’s sleep. To avoid all the stress, worry and late nights, here are some helpful tips to get prepared for finals.
  •Time management: Plan, plan, plan. Before finals begin, use the LHS student planner or your own personal planner, schedule in all the dates and times for each of your tests, and figure out when you have free time. Make sure to stick with the schedule.
  •Schedule in study breaks: Don’t spend the night before finals staying up late and cramming in some last-minute studying. It will stress you out and make you perform poorly on the tests.
  •Exercise: This is one of the best stress relievers. Go for short, brisk walks or play some basketball. Just make sure not to overdo it.   This helps to get your blood flowing better to your brain and relieves stress. Remember that the brain can only concentrate and take in information well for 45 minutes at a time.
•Prioritize: Choose which subject you need to work with the most. You could spend hours studying math to have a shot at an A, or you could use most of your time studying English to pull off a C. It’s up to you.
  •Ask your teacher for help: If you’re confused about notes or a lesson, your teacher is the best person to consult. Make sure to pick a meeting time that suits you both.
  •Get a study partner: Having a friend around to go over notes together or quiz each other on specific terms is extremely helpful; it makes studying less boring and increases concentration levels. You can even have a group study with intermittent breaks, but make sure everyone stays on the task at hand
  •Focus on your notes: Your notes have the most important information, rather than rereading a whole chapter in the textbook.
  •Get a good night’s sleep: Make sure you get at least eight to nine hours of sleep the night before your test, and eat a healthy, preferably high protein, breakfast in the morning. Also, it helps to keep a water bottle handy during the day, so you don’t get dehydrated.
  •Stay calm during the test: If the exam seems overwhelming at first, just take a deep breath and move on to an easier question or section and go back to the harder part later. Take the exam one question at a time.
  •Go with your intuition: Don’t second guess yourself on a confusing question. You’ll usually end up getting the right answer by going with your first instinct.
  Try to keep these smart tips in mind when finals week anxiety starts up, and make sure not to procrastinate on any make up homework or test retakes.

Tournament in motion

Alex Folchi
News Reporter

  The 19th annual Sierra Valley Cougar Classic began Thursday, at the middle school gymnasium. Today through the end of the tournament on Sunday, games will also be held at LHS to get through the 75 total games.
  The 75 games will be played by 50 teams, 6th to 8th grade both boys and girls, from all across northern California and northern Nevada.
  Each day until Sunday the last game of the night will occur at 8 p.m., and Sunday night the championship games will take place up until 7 p.m. Awards for each grade will be given out after the respective championship game has concluded.
  For the first time at this tournament, scores and brackets will constantly be updated online at the Loyalton Middle School website cougars.spjusd.org.
  The Sierra Valley Cougar Classic has been one of the biggest fundraisers for the entire Loyalton community each year, because the large number of people in town bring profit to all local industries.
  In order to accommodate all the people in Loyalton, LHS basketball teams, along with the middle school, are holding a fundraising Taco Feed on Saturday, January 16 from 4-9 p.m. at the Loyalton Elementary School. The food served at the Taco Feed will be authentic Mexican food presented by Los Dos Hermanos from Sierraville. Cost of the meal will be $5 for those under 12 years of age and $7 for those 12 years and older. A deal of $20 will be given to a family of four or a coach or
adult with three basketball players.


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