Features 10/16/09



racingBy Sarah Hlavaty and Angelina Folchi
Features Writers


    Racing seems to be quite a popular pastime among the younger population of Sierra County, and a few LHS students have taken this competitive activity to the next level.
    Senior Drew Miles races a Yamaha YZ 450 F motorbike in most 450 Junior Class races and sometimes uses a Suzuki RM 250 F.
A few of many races that Drew competed in recently are the Jones West Ford Summer series, in which he won second place; the Crown Arena Cross series; and the Volvo Summer Night series, in which he also grabbed second place.
    Drew has been riding everyday since he was four years old and has been racing competitively for the past two years. Drew said he used to race against his brother Davis, but once he started winning more races he was bumped up a notch to the Junior Class, although he still races Davis for fun once in a while.
    When asked what he liked best about racing, Drew replied, “The adrenaline rush, and that it keeps you in shape.”
    Drew said that racing is the most physically demanding when compared to other sports he has played and generally of sports around the world.
    Drew also gave some insight to his racing future. “I’d like to go pro,” he said, “but it’s really expensive, even now, and I already have an older bike than a lot of other racers I compete against.”
    Drew said he still plans to race his bike after graduation and presently is looking for sponsors. Drew also has some upcoming races, including the Mustang Motorplex and the GFL series.
    His brother, Davis Miles, has won many first and second place trophies with his CRF 450 motorcycle and his YFZ 450 quad. He travels with his family to races all over Nevada, including Yerington, Fallon, Stead, Hangtown and Mustang.
    Davis’s favorite part of racing is feeling the adrenaline rush every time he gets on the line.
    When asked about future plans, Davis said, “I want to go pro on my quad. I’m almost there; I’m an expert.”

CRF 450 motorcycle

CRF 450 motorcycle

    Preston Reugebrink, a freshman, races with the Miles brothers. On his Honda 150, Reugebrink has recently won two first places and one second place.
    Some goals he has are to get higher in the ranking and also race in the California series.
    Preston stated, “I just like to ride. It’s fun to race with my friends.”




An Advice Column

This column is intended to help people who may need advice in any area. If you have a question for which you need an unbiased opinion, please submit the question in the Dear Gabby box in room 100. Names will be kept confidential. Thank you.


Dear Gabby,
I’ve been sick for a very long time; now I’m behind in all my homework. What should I do?


Dear Overwhelmed,

Well, it’s never your fault that you got sick, unless you were not taking care of yourself. A good way to catch up on late work is to talk to your teachers about everything that you’ve missed. Then create an action plan on to how you’re going to get this all done. For example, use the planner that you received to get you organized. Then, once you’ve gotten everything written down, pick out dates and times out of your day that you’ll be able to get this makeup work done. Just remember that procrastination is not an option when it comes to late work, and getting your work in sooner rather than later is always a good idea.


Dear Gabby,
I’m so lost when it comes to choosing a college. There’s so much! I don’t know where to begin.


Dear Lost,
Looking for colleges is a task that can be stressful. First things first: take a moment to de-stress yourself and start out by asking yourself the basics. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? What would make me happy? How am I going to like living in that situation? Then once you’ve got that figured out, you can start looking for schools that fit your criteria. Also, take into consideration where your family members may have gone: They can give you the inside scoop on those colleges. Once you’ve done that, making the decisions that you need to make should become easier, and you should be able to find the college that’s right for you. No college will be perfect, but you may be surprised to find one you love.


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