Sports 11/8/13

JV happy about Herlong win;

season over for both teams

By David Guidotti

Sports Editor

Loyalton’s varsity team ends tough season with a loss while JV ends theirs with a win.

Junior varsity won their last game against Herlong at home on Oct. 29. It was a tough fight, they played three sets and won two of them with the scores of 25-21 and 15-7. The top scorers of the two sets were Bailie Coonrod with 5 points and Rachel Peterman with 8 points. JV coach Judy Guidotti said the girls did awesome and will be rewarded with a pizza party.

Varsity lost all three sets to Herlong on Oct. 29. The closest set was the last one with a score of 25-21. The leading scorer was Abby Campbell with only 5 points.

Coach Nancy McCollum said that the girls didn’t play to there full potential.

Varsity lost a tough battle against Downieville at home on Nov. 5. The Lady Grizz won three of the five sets. The Grizzlies won both the third and fourth set with scores of 25-11 and 25-20. The top scorers were Kennedy Hood with 9 points on set three and Abby Campbell and Sami Guidotti both had 5 points in set four. Coach Nancy McCollum said that although the girls didn’t play to their full potential, they played well and came together as a team in the end.

Varsity lost their last game at American Christian Adventist on Nov. 7. Loyalton played all 5 sets and won two with 25-22 in the first set and 25-13 in the third set. Hayden Ketchum was the lead scorer of the night with a total of 15 points in the third set.

Football loses two;

playoffs underway

By Abby Campbell

Roar Reporter

The Loyalton Grizzly football team went 0-2 in league the past two weeks.

On Oct. 26 the Grizzlies played against Princeton and were defeated with the final score of 48-6.

Coach Brad Campbell said, “It was a difficult game since we lost a lot of seniors due to injuries but I believe we will have a better chance against Greenville next week.”

Unfortunately, on Nov. 2 Loyalton lost against Greenville. The score was 46-16. This game was the Grizzlies last league football game until playoffs.

Brad Campbell said, “I believe we could have done a lot better against Greenville and beaten them. I know the playoff game against Redding Christian will be extremely difficult. I really want to win and I know my team will push hard for the victory.”

The Grizzlies will play that playoff game today in Redding for Loyalton’s first playoff game this year.

Soccer coach reflects on triumphant season

By Gus Driscoll

Sports Reporter

Loyalton’s AYSO soccer team ended its season 10-0. The team did not qualify for the tournament in Carson City and will have to wait till next year to try to qualify.

When questioned on how much the team improved this year, Coach Miguel Hernandez commented, “The team has improved a lot from the beginning”.

Then when questioned on whether or not the games the team played in were league games or just scrimmages, Coach Miguel Hernandez said, “The games were both league and friendly scrimmages.”

When asked about why they didn’t qualify for the tournament in Carson City, Coach Miguel Hernandez commented, “The tournament was only for U15 and down and we are U19. I think that’s why we couldn’t play in the tournament.”

Also when asked about next season, Coach Miguel Hernandez said, “Hopefully the next season will be better and more playing time.”

Player Edgar Baeza said, “The season went good. Next year we may win again. Who knows, there may be other teams that improve”


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