Website problems still reigning with Affordable Care Act signup

By Dakotah Brandow

Roar Writer

Obama Care

Obama Care

The federal government went into shutdown Oct. 1 for the first time in seventeen years, with a temporary agreement on Oct. 17. The issue has been broadcasted all over the news all hours of the day all across the nation. The main dilemma is the Affordable Care Act, informally known as Obamacare. Many lawmakers feel that the law is flawed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a major issue with Obamacare was the online registration. Many who tried to sign up are blocked from coverage or were unable to even access the site. The Chicago Tribune says that the Obama Administration has had three years to build the website for public use.

The Chicago Tribune has much to say against the ACA’s defense. The paper states that the foundation of the software was incomplete, and it wasn’t a simple, unavoidable server crash. According to the Tribune, the main folly of the website is how shabby it is, saying lawmakers blew many deadlines in setting up the software and never finished anything on time.

According to obamacarefacts.com, there are still quite a few benefits associated with the ACA. The website states that tens of millions of Americans will be able to get cheap yet helpful insurance. Due to the workings of Obamacare, even if an applicant were to make a mistake with his or her application or get sick, a member can’t be dropped or denied coverage.

The lower class isn’t the only one that is set to gain from the Affordable Care Act. Young adults are able to stay on Obamacare, and elderly get reduced rates with preventative medicine. Plus, starting in 2014, Obamacare must include coverage for preventative service and other necessary health benefits.

According to the website, there are still a few cons associated with the law. First, health insurance is a must by 2014, resulting in a fine if health insurance is not obtained by the required date. Next, prices of insurance are being raised as insurance companies are required to cover sick people and being forced to insure covered services. Also, many hospitals and doctors have been dropped from coverage in order to cut the cost of the insurance. Finally, Obamacare focuses on covering people, not on reducing the cost of the coverage.

Employers have been impacted by the law already. A mandate called the “employer mandate” stated that, in 2015, businesses with more than 50 full-time employees must provide health insurance to the staff. Due to the mandate many employers are beginning to cut employee hours to reduce the number of full-time employees.

One more con to Obamacare was that programs such as Medicaid and Medical are federally and state funded, but not all states are required to increase funding for Medicaid and similar programs. Many states are also not required to actually expand Medicaid.

While Obamacare certainly has its pitfalls, it promises millions of Americans coverage when they are sick. The lower class will still be able to get Medicaid or other state-specific insurance plans. The middle class, should some not be able to afford health insurance, would be promised health insurance under the ACA. Obamacare is supposed to be paid for by the wealthy, but it is unclear.


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