Sports 3-8-13

Tough playoff loss

By Tommy Ketchum
Sports Editor

Senior boys in their last game of the season against the Redding Christian Lions in the third round of playoffs. - Photo courtesy Dawn Davis

Senior boys in their last game of the season against the Redding Christian Lions in the third round of playoffs. – Photo courtesy Dawn Davis

The varsity boys suffered a shocking loss to the Redding Christian Lions in the third round of playoffs held in Redding.

They were playing for a spot in the eventual championship game against Chester, which Redding Christian won.

In the first quarter the Grizz were immediately caught off guard by the Lions and their fast-paced offense and full-court defense. The Grizz suffered many turnovers, which the Lions quickly converted into points in single possessions.

By the second quarter the Grizz had a huge gap to recuperate in order to get back into the game. Although the Grizz began to slow the pace of the Lions, the Lions also prevented the Grizz from doing much on offense. Frusrated, the Grizz they entered half time down, 38-13.

After a major breakdown in the locker room, the Grizz entered the third quarter without Tyler Davis at point guard. The Grizz found some offensive momentum, decreasing the number of turnovers and holding the Lions to a consistent pace, but not slowing them down.

In the final quarter the Grizz kept pace with the Lions, but with the Lions’ extensive lead the Grizz could not stage a comeback, ending the game, 68-36.

The Grizzlies were undefeated in the Pioneer League, and 15-8 overall. The basketball awards ceremony will be held in the spring at the all-sports banquet.

Spring coaches are positive

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter

The spring sports are starting now, with Brad Campbell as the new softball coach, Tony Vaglivielo as baseball coach and Sue Gressel again as track team coach.

Brad Campbell will be coaching his third team this year at Loyalton High School, having also coached football and JV boys basketball. Campbell is very diversified in his coaching abilities and has lots of experience coaching, having coached softball a couple of times at Portola Junior High.

His goals for the season are to beat Portola and win more games than the team did last year. He doesn’t have big expectations for the first game and thinks that it will be interesting, because the team hasn’t had very much time to practice. Campbell said he wanted to coach softball, because he enjoys it and he always coaches boys, so he wanted switch it up a little because “coaching girls is easier.”

Vaglivielo is returning for a second year of coaching baseball.  He has some experience coaching Little League and the Grizzlies’ baseball team last year.

Vaglivielo’s goal for the season is to have a much better season than last year, which he feels, will be accomplished because they have a much stronger team than

last year. Vaglivielo would like to see the first game be a close game and have a good fielding and hitting game. He is also excited to try out his new pitching staff this year. He enjoys coaching the boys, but said “a lot of time goes into coaching.”

Sue Gressel is coaching the track team again this year, her ninth year of coaching track. She said she keeps coaching track, because she likes to inspire kids to stay in shape, be active, and set personal goals, because she was inspired by her coach and is still inspired by her. She likes coaching track, because it is enjoyable to watch people run, jump, and throw, while setting personal bests.

Gressel said the team also visits really cool sites on the way to some of the meets such as the lava tubes in Tulelake and hiking at Burney Falls. Track members get to meet new people and see new things that they may not have gotten to see. It can also be a very long day at the track meets if the weather is bad, and sometimes it is rainy or snowy and cold, which is unpleasant, because they are out in the cold for eight or nine hours.

The first track meet is April 12, with 30 teams signed up. She expects the kids to get their feet wet by trying different events. Gressel would like to have a fun season, full of accomplishments with little drama and to win league for at least one of the teams.Also she would like one or more varsity members to make the section meet. There are 19 track members and all four teams are filled.

Donkey basketball  netted $1,149 for the track team, Gressel said. The money raised from the fundraiser will be used to purchase sweatshirts, possibly a new track tent and some will be used towards lodging during overnight meets.

Baseball and softball’s first doubleheaders are Tuesday at home against Westwood.


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