Sports 5/12/13

Baseball and softball finish

By Tommy Ketchum

Four Grizzlies will be playing in Lions All-Star football this year: Tommy Ketchum, Cheyenne Von Tour, Ben Coonrod and Tyler Davis.

Four Grizzlies will be playing in Lions All-Star football this year: Tommy Ketchum, Cheyenne Von Tour, Ben Coonrod and Tyler Davis.

Sports Editor

The Grizz lost their final game of the season, a double header at home April 26, against the American Christian Eagles.

The first inning was slow for the Grizz with no offensive production and a lack in defensive plays in the outfield to prevent the Eagles from getting on base or scoring. The second and third innings were the same for the Grizz, holding the Eagles to low scoring margins; however, the Grizz held the Eagles scorless in the third, scoring two runs. In the fourth inning the Eagles dominated the Grizz, scoring 11 runs, loading the bases at a consistent pace. The Eagles capitalized on the outfield breakdowns of the Grizz, which allowed them to score quickly. The game ended after the fourth inning, 16-2.

The second game was not any more of a success for the Grizz. The Eagles were able to score 13 runs in the first inning, as the Grizz still struggled with position and communication breakdowns, allowing the Eagles to steal bases and score runs consistently. The Grizz did begin to hold the Eagles to small margins of one to two runs in the second, third and fourth innings. The Grizz managed to regroup in the fourth scoring three runs, but with the mercy rule in place, the Grizz lost the game in four innings, 17-3.

  In softball, the Grizzlies lost to Portola away on April 24. The first inning the Grizzlies didn’t score, but they also kept the Tigers from scoring. The second inning the Grizzlies again were scoreless, but the Tigers turned up the heat and scored eight runs. The Grizzlies kicked off the third inning, scoring two runs, but they couldn’t slow the tigers down, with them scoring seven runs. The fourth inning the Grizzlies went scoreless, and the Tigers scored four more runs, ending the game with a score of 19-2.

Both teams forfeited their game against Greenville Tuesday.

The last softball game will be on May 6 with no playoffs.

Experience for track team

By Ben Coonrod
Sports Reporter 

The track team had three meets in the last two weeks—in Burney, Oroville and Quincy. Results are not yet available for Wednesday’s meet in Quincy.

The track team traveled to the Burney meet on April 19. With 11 schools in attendance LHS placed more easily, with less competition. The Grizzlies took home 33 medals by placing first, second and third in events.

There were some outstanding track members that placed in the top three:

Kennedy Hood, 1st in 300m and 100m hurdles, long jump and 400m run

Shawn McGee, 3rd in shot put, 2nd in 200m run

Bret Deberg, 2nd in 110m hurdles, 3rd in triple jump

Preston Reugebrink, 2nd in 400m and long jump

Zoe Studer, 2nd in 3200m run

Danica Gressel, 1st in the 3200m and in the 1600m run, 3rd in triple jump and discus

Jesus Guerrero, 2nd in 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles, and long jump

Chase Grandi, 2nd in triple jump and 3rd in 110m hurdles

Sami Guidotti, 3rd in 200m run

Ryan Tidwell, 3rd in high jump

The varsity boys relay team, consisting of Bret DeBerg, David Guidotti, Preston Reugebrink and Shawn McGee, took 1st with ease. The JV boys relay team took second: Jesus Guerrero, Austin Schwary, Winston Reugebrink and Ryan Tidwell.

The track team traveled to Oroville to the 1st Annual Norm MacKenzie Track and Field Classic on April 26. The competition was intense during this meet, and making matters worse, the seniors were unable to attend due to the variety show. The JV girls place ninth in the meet overall.

There was just one track member who placed in the top 10: Kennedy Hood with 1st in 400m run and in 300m hurdles, 2nd in 100m hurdles and 5th in long jump.

However, the JV boys relay team placed 8th in the tough meet.


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