Sports 12/14/12

Varsity girls struggle some

in pre-season play

By Ben Coonrod

Sports Reporter 

The varsity girls have started their preseason with a record of 3-5.

They traveled to Orland and beat Providence on Dec. 11, 61-12. Throughout the entire game the Grizzlies held strong and put up a big lead on Providence. There were no stats taken at the game.

The varsity girls lost all three games at the Portola tournament last weekend.

They lost their game to Quincy, 32-26. The first half ended 9-9. The second half of the game the Trojans took control of the game for the win.

The second game of the Tiger Classic the Grizzlies lost to Portola, 31-20. The first half of the game the Grizzlies came out a little sluggish and Portola gained a huge lead, 20-1. The second half the Grizzlies battled back within 11 points.

The Grizzlies lost to Modoc on Saturday, 45-29. The first quarter ended 9-8, and the second quarter the Grizzlies allowed the Warriors to score 10 for a score of 18-14. The third quarter the Grizzlies managed to keep Modoc with only a four-point lead on the Grizzlies, 29-25. The Grizzlies’ game got away from them in the fourth quarter.

The girls won their game against North Tahoe on Dec. 4, 32-30. Both teams struggled in the first quarter, ending 5-4, Grizzlies. The second quarter both teams scored 12. The third quarter ended with Lakers moving ahead, 25-24. The fourth quarter came down to a nail-biting last minute. Becky Renteria scored a winning three-pointer just over the half-court line with one second on the clock—one for the memory books.

At the Greenville tournament Nov. 29, the Grizzlies lost to Westwood, 52-25. The first half ended with the Grizzlies behind, 21-11. The second half the Grizzlies didn’t score much and the Lumberjacks ran away with the game.

The second game of the Greenville tournament the Grizz lost to Hayfork, 61-23. The first half the Grizzlies couldn’t score many points, and Hayfork ran away with the game with a margin of 38-9. The second quarter the Grizz pick it up a little but still lost by a large margin of 61-23.

The third game of the Greenville tournament the Grizzlies beat Elk Creek.

The Grizzlies lost to Lassen away on Nov. 27. Lassen was on its game and ended the first half 27-10. The second half the Grizzlies scored 15 more points, but couldn’t stop Lassen from scoring ending the game 45-25.

The JV girls’ record is starting off with a winning pre-season record of 4-3.

They lost their first game in the Portola tourney against Portola, 49-47. The Grizzlies were losing only by a small margin of 26-20 at half and battled in the second half but could never gain the lead.

The Grizzlies also lost to Modoc that day, 48-36. The half ended with the Grizzlies ahead 23-18, but the second half Modoc battled back and won the game.

The last game of the Portola tournament the Grizzlies beat out the Quincy Trojans, 31-28. The Grizzlies came out strongly, 17-11. The second half of the game the Trojans attempted to come back, but the Grizzlies kept the lead.

The JV girls beat Hayfork at the Greenville tournament, 53-16. The first half the Grizzlies came out strongly, 24-13. The second half the Grizzlies kept up the pace and took the game.

The second game the Grizzlies beat Westwood, 35-23. The first half of the game ended Grizzlies, 18-13.  The second half of the game the Grizzlies gained a bigger lead for the win.

The third game of the Greenville tournament the Grizzlies lost their last game to Lassen, 48-28. The first half was fairly even with a score of 24-20. The second half of the game Lassen came out strongly.

The JV girls lost their first game against Lassen in Lassen on Nov. 27, 31-24. The Grizzlies tied Lassen, 11-11. The second half the Lassen pulled way and won.

Varsity boys 5-3 in pre-season,

win Greenville tourney trophy

By Tommy Ketchum

Sports Editor  

The varsity boys are currently 5-3 in pre-season.

The varsity boys traveled to the John Holland Invitational tournament in Greenville Nov. 29. The Grizz beat the Providence Lions in the first game of the tourney, 66-13. In the first half the Grizz played their A game on both sides of the ball scoring 31 points and holding the Lions to only eight points before going into half time. In the second half the Grizz outplayed the Lions on every possession of the ball. The second half concluded with a Grizzly victory.

The second game the Grizz beat the Excel Christian Warriors, 51-31. The Grizz played strongly through the first half only allowing the Warriors 17 points and scoring 27. The Warriors came out of half time catching the Grizz off guard, holding LHS to only six points, but the Grizz played intense defense, only allowing the Warriors to score 10 points. In the fourth quarter the Grizz began playing to their level again, shutting down the Warriors on all sides and taking the win.

The Grizz advanced to the championship game against the Greenville Warriors in the last game. The Indians seemed to be the biggest challenge the Grizz had faced yet, but could not prevent the Grizz from dominating them in the first half, holding the Indians to single figure scores the first two quarters and giving the Grizz a big lead at the half. The second half the Grizz’s game only seemed to pick up. The Grizz continued to score more points on the Indians, despite the Indians scoring more than they had the first half. The final score was 66-40.

The varsity boys took a hard loss to the North Tahoe Lakers at home Dec. 4, 53-51. From the start the game was a defensive battle. Both teams struggled to get shots to fall, Cash Grandi started the game with a series of blocks, making the Lakers work for their points. First quarter ended with a 15-15 tie. The second quarter the Lakers’ zone defense seemed to hold the Gizz’s offense well only, allowing the Grizz to score 12 points and going into half time, 27-25.

The third quarter quickly turned into another low scoring defensive battle on both sides of the ball, each team limiting the other to only 11 points. The fourth quarter turned into a possession battle for both teams. The final quarter had several lead changes, many of which were in the Grizzlies favor until the final minutes of the game. The Lakers found their groove on the perimeter taking the lead away from the Grizz. The Grizz struggled to get back in the lead after making a few inside shots and committed fouls to try and stop the clock, but the Lakers were four for four at the line increasing the lead to two points and winning the game.

The varsity boys won their first game at the Tiger Classic against the Quincy Trojans last weekend, 59-52. The first quarter started slowly for the Grizz offensively but the Grizz prevented Quincy from gaining the lead and ended the quarter with a five-point lead. In the second quarter both teams had to work to get an open shot, but the Grizz maintained a five-point lead at the half, 25-20. After the break the Grizz played well offensively against the Trojan defense, scoring 24 points and only allowing the Trojans 15.  In the fourth quarter the Trojans began to make a comeback on both sides of the ball, but the Grizz held strongly against the Trojans. Even though they were outscored in the fourth, the Grizzles held their lead for the win.

The Portola Tigers squeaked a narrow victory against the Grizz, 54-53, in the Tiger Tourney second game. In the first half the Grizz worked well on both sides of the ball, outscoring Portola in both quarters going into half time up, 31-22. The third quarter began marking a change in pace; the Tigers played tough defense and picked the pace up offensively, outscoring the Grizz in both the third and fourth quarters and taking the win.

The final game of the Tiger Classic also resulted in a 60-34 loss for the Grizz against the Modoc Braves, who had swept every team in the tournament so far.  In the first half the Braves played a tight zone defense with a press that slowed down the Grizzlies’ ball movement and resulted in numerous turnovers that the Braves capitalized on. The first half came to an end with the Braves up, 38-19. The Braves held the Grizz to only one point in the third quarter; however, the Grizz managed to outscore the Braves in the fourth quarter—but too late for a win.

The varsity boys defeated the Providence Lions in Orland Dec. 11, 57-34.

In the first half of the game, the Grizz completely dominated the Lions on all sides of the ball. LHS started off playing to their standards and the momentum carried into half time with the Grizzlies up, 33-20. The second half of the game was not much different for the Grizz. The boys maintained control of the game by a large margin of points consistently in both halves. By the end of the fourth quarter there was no chance of a Lions’ comeback.

The JV boys have lost all five pre-season games.

The first loss was against the Lassen Grizzlies on Nov. 27 in Lassen, 45-17. In the first half of the game, the Grizz could not make any plays on offense or defense, leaving Lassen in control, 26-4. After half the Grizz were able to make a few plays on offense but unable to hold Lassen defensively.

The JV boys lost to the North Tahoe Lakers at home Dec. 4, 50-31. The Lakers held the Grizzlies to six points in the first quarter to the Lakers’ 18.  The second quarter was an improvement for the Grizz, picking up the intensity on defense slowing the Lakers scoring down by half.  The second quarter ended, 27-13, Lakers.  The Grizz allowed the Lakers to continue extending their lead finishing the third quarter, 37-20, but picked up the pace some in the fourth quarter, improving scoring 11 points.

The JV boys’ first game of the Tiger Classic Tourney in Portola ended in a loss against the Tigers, 55-35. In the first half the Grizz relied on Austin Schwary to score all of the Grizzlies’ 12 points but allowed the Tigers 26.  The Grizz came out in the second half playing well on offence but lacking intensity on the defensive side of the ball.

The JV boys came out strongly against the Trojans in the first half of the second game of the Tiger Classic; the boys went into half time only down three points, making a comeback possible for the Grizz. However, after the half the Trojans stretched their lead further, making the Grizzlies’ possible comeback fade, resulting in the loss.

In the final game of the tournament, the JV boys lost to the Modoc Braves, 57-34. In the first half the yet-undefeated Grizz were held to only seven points and allowed the Braves 35. With a large margin of points between them, the Grizz came out of half slowly but gained momentum, scoring 14 points in the final quarter of the game—but not enough for the win.

Both boys’ teams play Whittel tonight at home.


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