Seniors’ mock job interviews successful

Photographs by Danica Gressel and Jorge Garcia

Class of 2013 prepared for mock job interviews.

Class of 2013 prepared for mock job interviews.

Senior guys awaiting there interviewsSenior Miranda being interviewed

Reugebrink explains 

variety of USFS careers

By Nicole Eberhart

Features Editor

Safety expert Michelle Reugebrink spoke about various careers in the U.S. Forest Service yesterday. She also spoke earlier tto this reporter about about the pay plan, grades and steps.

The Forest Service, like most government agencies, generally pays employees according to one of three pay plans: General Schedule (GS), Wage Grade (WG), and Senior Executive Service (ES).

ES jobs are at the top for their leadership jobs in the agency. They include the chief, deputy chiefs, regional foresters, stations directors, and other key leadership positions. Their pay is around $90,000 to $120,000 per year. The professional positions typically require education or training equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher with a major field to study in a specialized field.

WG jobs are skilled technician positions like electricians, heavy equipment operators and mechanics. They get paid according to a local pay scale of those in the private sector with similar skills.

Formal education for technical positions is not required, but many associate (two year) degree programs are recommended. Technicians are found in every program area in the agency. Examples are accounting technicians, forestry technicians, engineering technicians, budget assistants and personnel assistants. There are approximately 10,000 technicians and assistants in the agency.

HOBY trains leaders

By Preston Reugebrink


The Hugh O’ Brian Youth (HOBY) leadership organization’s mission is to inspire and develop a global community of kids and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. HOBY programs are conducted annually throughout the United States, serving high school students.

HOBY allows youths who are selected by their schools to participate in unique leadership training and service-learning and motivation-building experiences. HOBY also provides adults with opportunities to make a significant impact on the lives of youth by volunteering. Nearly 9,000 students participate in HOBY programs annually.

Loyalton High School has sent students for many years to the week long HOBY State Leadership Conference and will this year also. Tess White was selected to go in 2011, Shelby Goldsmith was chosen last year and Morgan Bowling has been selected for this year.

Every year a sophomore is chosen to attend and there is a brand new theme every single year. The youth who attend become a “family” and perform a variety of activities together like cheers. Colleges also send representatives to the HOBY seminars to recruit potential students.


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