Op-Ed 4-18-13

Employ precautions for online accounts to avoid hacking issues

By Nicole EberthartFB privacy
Feature Editor

Social networks are a great way to stay connected with others, but you should be aware just how much information you post.

One way to secure your media accounts is to do more than one form of authentication to verify your account: facial recognition, iris recognition and finger scanning.

Modern technology also allows many different security factors. For example, you can do a two-step password or a security code.

Some tips are: stop, think, connect. You can secure your accounts more by requiring more verification.

You should also make your passwords longer and stronger. Combine both capital and lowercase with numbers to have a stronger password. It may be a pain but you should have separate passwords for each media account you have.  If you can’t remember the accounts’ log in and password, you can write these down then hide this information somewhere where other people can’t find it.

You should also not tell people your passwords either.

When you tweet, post or update anything, make sure the information does not attach anything to any other account that you have. When you are typing in your log-in information, make sure there aren’t any people behind you as you type your information in. Many people don’t realize how other people look over their shoulder and see their information.

To keep information secret and secure, make sure that the URL has http not https. The is a security feature.

When logging into a media site, most of the time it will ask for the password to be remembered. Clicking no ensures that the computer doesn’t remember your password and that other people cannot log in with your name.

If any of your accounts is hacked, report it immediately. Most media sites can’t do a whole lot with hackers, but they can keep an eye out for your account. Finally, most sites recommend you change your passwords every 90 days.



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