Op-Ed 5/2/13

RotaryLeadership training provided at camps

By Tess White
Roar Writer

Loyalton high school students have many opportunities for summer fun at leadership camps.

Many camps offer chances for students to attend and grow as people and in their leadership skills. Some of these camps available to LHS students include Y.E.S. Camp, HOBY and RYLA.

Y.E.S. Camp, held at Boreal Ridge, is a camp that helps students emphasize their own leadership skills, deal with cooperative issues, and study the election process, all the while having fun. The seminar is designed to allow students to form their own cooperative and then operate it. Students get to learn how to run a nonprofit business and get to participate in fun activities such as a ropes course. To qualify for the seminar, the student must be a freshman, sophomore or a junior in Plumas, Sierra, Lassen, or Washoe county whose family receives either its electric power through Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Company or their Internet services through Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications or Got SKY Unlimited.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership camp, HOBY, is a seminar at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga that is dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of the world. HOBY is a three-day seminar that allows students to interact with leaders in many different fields of work as well as break into groups and talk about the lessons as well as their feelings.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, RYLA, is a one-week leadership-training program. It is located at Grizzly Creek Ranch outside of Portola. The camp emphasizes leadership, citizenship and personal growth. This camp is intense and has been called “life changing.” Leaders Dean and Rochelle Whellams state that the camp is life-changing as the camper chooses to make it life changing. At this camp, participants will work in groups, as well as in the community. The campers get to learn about themselves while playing simple games and doing leadership activities.

There are many more summer leadership camps students can find if they look hard enough. Some students have attended programs through colleges or for specific majors they have completed. Senior Ben Coonrod attended an engineering camp at Cal Poly during the summer of 2012, and senior Preston Reugebrink attended Boys State at Sacramento State University the same summer.

Senior Project advisor Janet McHenry said that such a leadership camp could be a great Senior Project activity for current juniors.

If you would like to attend a summer camp, please ask teachers for any information as well as do plenty of research so you can make the best time out of your summer!



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