Op-Ed 3-22-13

LHS mediators say: Give peace a chance

By Nicole Eberhart
Features EditorPeace

Loyalton High’s Peace Mediation program has not been active in recent months. Advisor Megan Meschery said there were rumors circulating last fall that the Peace Mediators had not kept everything confidential but instead had been telling their peers what was going in mediations.

Meschery put those rumors to rest this week, noting that mediators “would like to tell everyone that is not true.”

Meschery said mediators signed a contract at the beginning of the year with her, agreeing to keep everything confidential and not speaking about mediation matters to anyone.

Peace Mediators President Shawn McGee said that until people start coming to the mediators, they will continue to educate themselves about relationship issues. The mediators hosted a domestic violence information table at LHS last week during passing periods. The information table was hosted with help from Sierra SAFE domestic violence trainers Suzie Shelton and Kasey Coonrod.

The students are hoping that students will come to them when they feel the need to talk to someone or get help with their problems, so that peace mediation will continue.

The Peace Mediators are seniors Ben Coonrod, Josh Smith, Preston Reugebrink and Zoe Studer; juniors Bret DeBerg and Shawn McGee; and freshmen Jade Leddy and Luke Campbell.  Any of these students are available when needed to talk.

Some students were asked what peace mediation meant to them. Jade Leddy responded, “Making other people happy, and making Loyalton High School a better place.”

Luke Campbell said, “I can help people who need help and give my advice when needed.”

Shawn McGee said, “Peace Mediation is a way that students can create peace in the school in a way that makes students feel comfortable.”

Bret DeBerg said he felt the program could bring peace between individuals who have conflict between them.

Preston Reugebrink said he thought Peace Mediation “is a great opportunity for me to help others here at Loyalton High School.”

Zoe Studer commented that the Peace Mediators program helps make “a happier environment for our school.”

Josh Smith said he feels the program can “be the difference whether someone has a good or bad day.”

Ben Coonrod said is all about ”Helping others get through their problems, which makes me feels like a good citizen.“


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