Good, bad changes to site

By Preston Reugebrink


Fifteen windows at Loyalton High were broken over a period of just a few days. The first was a window in Principal Marla Stock’s office more than a week ago. Then over the weekend 14 windows were broken in four rooms at the east end of the building.

The case has been turned over to the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department, which is following leads.

Replacing the windows has created a lot of expense for the school district, as well as a great deal of work for maintenance man Toribio Ramirez.

Some positive improvements to the school, however, have been made over the last month. These updates have improved the look and feel of the school for students.

The physical updates that have been received include a new grizzly in the middle of the gym and inspirational words painted around the facility.

The bear in the middle of the gym was removed with many hours of sanding by school staff. Once the bear was removed, the faculty had to choose a new design for the bear and purchase it. The new bear was designed by professional graphic designer Joel Gressel, who was inspired by the grizzly on the girls’ shooting shirts. The new grizzly was hand painted by a professional with the school’s traditional colors, blue and white.

Specific words have also been stenciled onto the walls in the hallway, gym and a few classrooms. Many more words will be painted in the gymnasium, as well as other classrooms.

There are also plans for the Bear Caves to be renovated and for a new Bear Cave to be created on the west end of the hallway, so as to provide new spots for high school and future middle school students to hang out.

In response to the new gym grizzly, junior Dakotah Brandow said, “I think it’s a lot cooler and more intricate than the last one.”

For the wall words LHS staff followed the lead of Oxford University studies that suggested that an emphasis on character traits inspires students to achieve and to become lifelong learners and successful citizens. Specific words from the Oxford study were chosen to be stenciled, for example curiosity, zest, and grit. These words were chosen, because they give something the students to aspire to. They are meant to inspire students to achieve to the best of their ability and bring an overall more positive vibe to the school.

Zoe Studer said that the words are, “a nice change to the school.” She added, “Some teachers find them inspirational.”

The ceiling and roof situation of the school is still on hold with SPJUSD Superintendent Stan Hardeman trying to find and provide funding so that the ceiling may be fixed and the roof replaced. Until funding can be provided. there isn’t much that the school faculty can do to change the roof situation.

Senior mock interview set

By Tess White

News Editor

LHS seniors will prepare for the real world of work by attending the mock job interviews on Thursday, Feb. 7. The interviews will start at around 9 a.m. and will continue to about lunchtime.

The mock job interviews are an annual event to help students prepare for real world job interviews and educate them about various jobs.  These mock interviews allow students to get constructive criticism, so they can do their best in an actual interview. This year Downieville seniors will join LHS for interviews. In advance, students will prepare a job application along with a resume. Students should come dressed in business attire to look their best for this day.

Students will have at least four interviews, and one or more interviews will be with two or three people at once. Interviewers are employers all around Sierra Valley. This includes Portola and farther locations also. Interviewers may include careers in dentistry, law, retailing and government.

Janet McHenry will give instruction on how to complete a job application as well as a job resume in English classes. Amy Filipini will give instruction on what to do in the interviews. She will go over the basic do’s and don’ts.

In the interview itself, questions will not be job specific but will be questions that  could come up in any job interview. It is important that people should answer to the best of their ability.

Several behaviors to avoid in an interview include being too personal, lying on a resume, asking questions that shouldn’t be asked about what a company does, as well as being too emotional.

When asked about tips for doing your best at the mock job interviews, McHenry stated that, “Initial impressions are important.” To do your best it is good to be friendly, be open, and have good eye contact. It is best to have several questions ready for the interviewer about the job. It is okay to ask about salary, but to not to get confrontational over it. Practice can help a lot in making sure seniors do their best. It is also best to remember a firm handshake and to remember the interviewers’ names.


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