News 01-11-2013

Students enjoying Winterfest

By Preston Reugebrink

King Kyle Von Tour

LHS students have been enjoying Winterfest activities this week. The rally was held yesterday and the Winterfest dance is tomorrow from 8 p.m.-10:30 p.m. The winners of the prince and king candidates were announced at the half time of the varsity boy’s game last night against Portola. This year’s Winterfest prince is junior Eric Nolasco. The winner of the race to be Winterfest king was won by Kyle VonTour. Other king candidates were Cash Grandi and Devon Graham. Other prince candidates were Luke Campbell for the freshmen and Jonathan Cabrera for the sophomores.

At the rally the candidates had to participate in a variety of activites, ranging from building a tower using only marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti noodles to learning a cheer from the cheerleaders. All of the candidates did their best in each of the activities. The king candidates also had to participate in a mix of activites. They walked down a catwalk and posed like a model, searched for “Waldo” in the crowd, and sang karaoke to pre-chosen songs by the leadership class.

Cash Grandi, a runner-up for Winterfest king said, “The rally seemed to go well, but it would have been nice to have more time.”

Joanne Nunes, leadership class teacher, said the rally was, “Fantastic, one of the best ones we’ve had. There was total participation from the candidates, leadership class, and the student body. It was fun for the whole school and none of it had been done before.”

The prices for the Winterfest dance are $3 with an ASB card and $5 without. There are games against Westwood starting at 4:30 p.m.

Final exams start Tuesday

By Josh Smith

Roar Reporter

Finals, the last test of the semester, is a summarized test over the last two quarters of a class. These tests are supposed to take place in all core classes. Finals, by school policy, should constitute 20 percent of the grade and are supposed to reflect what students have learned.

Tests can range from essays in English to multiple-choice in math and science tests. Many teachers use a presentation approach, as it can demonstrate overall understanding of course material.

However, as stressful as finals may be, they are preparation for college. In colleges few assignments are given, and most grades are based on midterms and finals. Finals demonstrate cumulative knowledge over a course and test one’s knowledge in a subject.

For freshmen who are having their first finals, a great study tactic for math is to pay attention to teacher review. If a teacher says that certain material will be on the test, then students should focus on that material. For some classes, biology for example, students should memorize important vocabulary words.

Finals schedule as follows: Tuesday, 4B/5B; Wednesday, 4A/5A; Thursday, 1B/2B; Friday, 1A/2A. Finals will occur during normal class times. Students should eat right and go to bed early during finals for best results. They should also drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and junk foods, and as bizarre as it may sound, stretch-exercise their writing hand out. Writing cramps can really put a stop into an essay’s flow.



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