Features 4-18-13

Loyalton Students using social media for connections


LHS Student using a social network.

By Tess White
News Editor

Social media has gone from a casual use to a cultural phenomenon. Since the creation of the space age device called the Internet, it has become much easier to get and stay in contact with other people all over the world. Everyone from small children to older adults uses social media to keep in contact, to playing games, or simply to share an opinion by millions of people all day every day. The question is, what social media is best for one’s wants and needs?

Loyalton High School students use multiple types of social media. A Roar survey of LHS students this week found that 100 percent of students use some form of social media.

While LHS students use a variety of social media, several remain to be the most popular. Most students–85 percent of those 61 surveyed–have Facebook, and use it on a regular basis. Of the survey taken, 95 percent of the students watch videos on YouTube; however, only 28 percent are registered users.

Eighty-eight percent of the students either do not use or have never heard of Pinterest. Thirty-nine percent of the students use Instagram and 25 percent use Kik.

Only 36 percent of students use Twitter, and only 16 percentof the students have their own blog. Many of them either don’t update it or use it only for English class.

There are many types of social media. Each social media has a different function to fit different types of needs. Available are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Kik, blogs, YouTube, and many more. Each has its own benefits, and each serves certain functions.

Facebook is a social media device that currently has over a billion members. About half of the members use the application via mobile such as an iPhone. Facebook allows people to create a custom profile and add friends from all over the world. Facebook currently is the most used social media site to date.

Twitter is a microblogging service that allows people to send and receive text-based messages that are under 140 characters long, called “Tweets.” Twitter is currently the second most used site. It has been described as “the SMS of the internet,” SMS meaning “short messaging system.”

Tumblr is a service that allows members to post multimedia and other things in a blog format. Users can follow other users as well as make their blogs private.

Pinterest is a pin board-style, photo-sharing site that allows users to create theme-based photo collections.

Instagram is a photo-sharing site that allows users to take and post pictures as well as edit them to fit a certain look. Users also can post pictures on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Kik, also known as Kik messenger, is an instant messaging device for mobile devices. Kik is used to avoid text-messaging rates and allows users to chat and send multimedia without giving out phone numbers.

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows anyone to post a video as long as it’s within guidelines for appropriateness. Registered users can post videos to the site, while unregistered users can watch YouTube videos completely free.

Whether or not these various social media sites are a fad or a more permanent fixture in people’s lives will be determined with time. As for now, social media is an important part in the lives of many people–including Loyalton High sudents.



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